Tuesday, April 30, 2013

White ironstone and to faux or not to faux?

I wrote a post last week about decorating with plants.
I am definitely not a lover of faux foliage or flowers, but prefer real.

But when I saw some very realistic faux succulents on clearance at Michael's,
I bought a couple.
 I thought they might work in a couple of pieces that I don't want to dirty with real soil and plants.

I actually think it's hard to tell a difference!
See that little touch of green in the cubby?

There it is!
So, what do you think...
to faux or not to faux?

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Monday, April 29, 2013

Something lovely...

I love these peach and coral tipped carnations that my husband bought for me a while ago.
I also love their hardiness!
 This simple grocery store bouquet of carnations has given me something lovely to look at for two weeks, 
and they still look fresh.

(editing using one layer of Kim's 3003 texture, screen mode, 40% opacity
and one layer of Kim's 3003-2 texture, hardlight mode, 20% opacity)

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When you've had a hard eucharisteo week...

It's quite common for me, to "hit a wall" so to speak after God does a deep work in me.
God and I had a talk about what He began in me at the Jumping Tandem retreat
and I'm not even sure if I know exactly what He did and how He wants me to respond.
I asked Him to enlighten me a bit, to tell me the next step for me.
All I know is that my heart felt all plowed up and ready to be planted with seeds of possibility.

Then, I got home to the reality of my real life and had to face some hard eucharisteo.

A Crazy April or When It Rains It Pours...
  • owed way more on taxes than we expected
  • had to buy new tires for one of the cars
  • both cars were due for license renewals
  • one, although relatively new, didn't pass the DEQ clean air test
  • $1000 in repairs and it still hasn't passed
  • the clothes dryer quit and cost $130 to repair
  • while the repairman was at the house I had him listen to the dishwasher which is suddenly unusually loud-he said the motor is going out and a new dishwasher is the way to go
  • I had my yearly physical and all is well, but, I had the last of the series of vaccines for Hepatitis A and B recommended for travel overseas...
  • I felt tired and flu-like for 3 days following
  • We heard of a frustrating/hurtful situation with someone we tried to help
When things like this pile up, I tend to shut down, to want to withdraw until the storm passes.
I have lived long enough to know that these types of seasons do pass, you actually do get through them.
In fact, looking back, they become a hazy and rather forgettable part of the past.
I also know that, while irritating, this is mild stuff compared to the deep suffering and struggles some are going through.
However, this morning, I did want to be honest enough to say, life with Jesus is still real life.
It's not all "skip to the lou, my darling".
Much of the time it's lifting my hands in surrender and saying,
"I don't get it, God, but I trust you. 
 I know You'll help us through."
And then, you fight against your flesh, and actually get out of your pajamas,
and go face the day...
and you keep noticing, keeping writing down, keep counting, your blessings.
In 2012 I followed the prompts in Ann Voskamp's Joy Dare in counting my thanks.
In 2013 I'm going back to the way I did it in the beginning,
just noticing and recording the many extraordinary blessings in my ordinary life.
And so I continue to count my thanks
piling up gratitude day by day
in my little black journal.
(and capturing some of them via my camera or iPhone)

-good coffee

-blue skies
-gorgeous blossoms

-youngest daughter stopping by for a visit

-Mt. St. Helens showing off on this beautiful day

-a better run than yesterday
-fun surprises in the mail-my prayer bracelet from Robin

-my doctor
-my health
-reading Hosea with She Reads Truth

-encouraging comments on my post at Emily's

-emails from some of the friends I met at Jumping Tandem
-going to my grandson's school to watch him in a skit and spending some time with him and oldest granddaughter afterwards

-a great prayer time

-getting the dryer fixed

-lunch out with the Hubs on our day off
-a good book to read

-a friend going with me to an out of town wedding so I wouldn't have to drive alone
-her going on a run with me when we got home
-catching up on Hosea

-being at church with my church family after being gone last Sunday
-lunch at our favorite Mexican restaurant
-oldest granddaughter and I hanging out together

-visiting with my daughter and son-in-law when they came to pick her up

Gratefully yours,

Friday, April 26, 2013

2 Corinthians 1:20

I'm so thankful that we serve a God Who keeps His promises.
The Bible says that He's not like man, in that He never lies.
His timing may not be to our liking.
 His answer to our request may sometimes be wait, 
or even no if He sees that what we have requested is not His best for us.
But, God is always, always faithful and always true to His Word.

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Scripture and Snapshot

Thursday, April 25, 2013

Friday Favs....a touch of green-using houseplants in your decor

I'm kind of smiling to myself as I click publish on this lighthearted post about houseplants
after sharing this rather "heavy" post yesterday.
Hence, the name of my blog! 
My real life includes deep heart issues and lighthearted things like antiquing, cooking, home decor and even, houseplants.
Doesn't everyone's?

Anyway, on to today's topic...

I don't believe I've ever not had living plants here and there in my home.
For one thing, they're good for the air quality.
But in truth, I simply like the way they look.

In the entry way of my home a new begonia keeps company with an old plant that is making a comeback after a near death experience.  
Poor thing, I have no idea of it's name.

This philodendron is as old as the hills.
This is one hardy houseplant.
When it gets to looking leggy and scraggly I just trim it back.
The trimmings can be rooted in water and then planted once roots have formed.
One such offspring is on the windowsill in my home office.

These plants were my Valentine flowers from the Hubs.
I believe the one on the left is some type of daylily.
It has pinkish-purple blooms.
 I have no idea what the plant on the right is!
But, it appears to be thriving there on the dining room windowsill.

 These succulents came home from the store with me this week.
I plopped their little container into this empty tea tin and fell in love with the instant charm that resulted.

Houseplants add warm, texture and interest to a room.
They are also relatively inexpensive and easy to replace if you don't have a very green thumb.
(Pointing to myself here.)

Well, it's almost Friday, friends!
Have a HAPPY, HAPPY Friday
 a BLESSED weekend!

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Wednesday, April 24, 2013

When you've been hurt by the church...and why you should keep going...

...There's beauty in the middle of the messy place we call church.  For every hand that grabs a knife to stab you in the back, there's two or three hands that reach down into the ditch to pull you out and bandage your wounds.  For every word spoken that pierced your heart with pain, there are other voices speaking words of encouragement to you telling you to not give up....

I'm guest posting at Imperfect Prose today.  To read this post is its entirety, won't you join me here?

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