Friday, September 19, 2014

Ecclesiastes 3:1...

We are approaching the change of seasons.
Autumn officially begins next week.
On the calendar, in our lives, we can't stop the fact that seasons come and seasons go.
You may be experiencing all of your little ones being in school for the first time.
Others of you just sent your youngest off to college and are experiencing your first taste of the empty nest.
Some of you are experiencing the new freedoms and challenges that retirement brings.
Just as God is in control of seedtime and harvest, the seasonal changes of the year, 
if He is Lord of our lives then He is in control of our seasons as well.
And in every season we go through, He has a purpose.
He also has a time,  a divine appointment for the fullness of our purpose to come to pass.
It's up to us to stay in tune with Him seeking His guidance about what His purpose for us is in the season we're in.
We also need to ask Him what we can do to cooperate with Him in that purpose.
When we're yielded to Him in this way, 
then I believe we can't possibly miss that divine moment when His timing and our purpose intersect. 

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Thursday, September 18, 2014

Friday's Favs...Monticello Antique Marketplace Fall Show

A couple of days ago I showed you the ironstone bargains I found at Monticello Antique Marketplace's fall show.
 I live smack dab in the middle of thrift store/antique store heaven!
Minutes from my home there are so many great and tempting places to shop.
Monticello is one of my favorites. 

 I wish I had bought this vintage tin. 
 My sister's name is Paulette and it's a perfect autumn color.
Maybe it's still there waiting for me to come back for it!

I snapped this photo for ideas of words to make with my Scrabble tiles.

I am always drawn to beautiful cabinets that would never fit in my small home.

But those shelves with the drawer underneath were small enough to fit in my house!
(I'd just have to get rid of something I already have!)

I love old pie safes with screened doors.

Lots of fun objects on these white shelves and farm table.

There were a lot of antlers and fur for sale to use in decor this season.

If you live anywhere near Portland, Oregon and love antiques I hope you'll pop in to Monticello.
(And you just might see me there!)

It's almost Friday, friends!
Have a 
and a
safe and BLESSED weekend!

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Wednesday, September 17, 2014

Build your life...

It was the summer I turned 50. I wasn’t excited at all about this season, about turning fifty, about passing middle age and sliding down the slippery slope to senior citizenship. I wasn’t excited about my place either. I felt stuck and I was angry and bitter about being stuck. As a wife and as a mother, as a grandmother and as a pastor’s wife, if felt like my whole world was affected by others and their decisions and choices. I felt tired, hopeless, used up and dried up. I was consumed with resentment over people and circumstances that I couldn’t change, and I was convinced that because of my circumstances there was no hope for a vibrant future for me.... (join me here for the rest of the story. This week I have the privilege to be guest posting at Diane Bailey's.)  

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Tuesday, September 16, 2014

Giving in to ironstone temptation...

Each spring and fall I try to do a purge and decluttering.
 I recently let go of a large tote full of decor items, selling some and donating others.

Then temptation came knocking in the form of the Monticello Antiques Fall Show.
I told myself I was just going to look.
I have seen and admired this large ironstone bowl every time I've popped into Monticello over the past year or so.
At the fall show the price was slashed way, way down.
I usually hem and haw and waver and even leave something and come back later if I change my mind, 
but this time I snatched it up without a second thought since I've had my eye on it for so long.

It fits right in with the other ironstone bowls on my knockoff Restoration Hardware shelves.

(I found the antique wooden dumbbells quite some time ago at the Goodwill,
for a fraction of the price I've seen them in antique stores.)

I could conclude this post in several ways, like:
There's no such thing as "just window shopping" when it comes to temptation.
What about...
Patience is a virtue, wait long enough and they'll reduce the price.
Declutter, that way you'll have room for new junk!

And, for the sake of full disclosure,
I also bought this ironstone soap dish that day.
It, too, was a bargain price.
And aren't those the words that always reel me in?
"Bargain prices"
"50% off"

Anyone else out there succumbed to the lure of a good sale lately?

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