Thursday, August 21, 2014

Matthew 4:18-19...

"As Jesus was walking along the shore of the sea..."
I love those words.
Nothing cures what ails me like a walk by the sea with Jesus.
He always seems especially near when I'm walking on the shore, 
the sound of the waves crashing,
the sea breeze blowing my hair.
I always seem to hear His voice more clearly there.
It's the place I've gone to in my most troubled times,
the place I run to when I'm desperate to hear Him,
and He's never failed to meet me there.
I guess you could call it "our place".
At least that's the way I like to think of it.

Where's your favorite place to meet with Jesus?

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Wednesday, August 20, 2014

Son of Man...

I think that perhaps my favorite title for Jesus is Son of Man.
It's hard to wrap the finite mind around the fact that God became Man,
that He laid aside His godly rights and took on human weakness and frailty.
For love.
For us.
I think of how frustrated I am about all the the terrible heart wrenching current events happening in our world.
Jesus must have felt the same way when He walked this earth in a human body.
He lived in the midst of the oppression and injustice of Roman rule.
He saw poverty.
He saw sickness.
I'm sure even two thousand plus years ago there was rape and murder and crime.
He was physically in the middle of all of this sin twisted mess,
yet He did't use His godly power, the same power with which He created this earth,
to clean the mess all up.
He didn't make every sick person well.
He didn't stop Roman oppression.
He didn't put an end to poverty.
Instead, He fully trusted in His Father's voice, His Father's instructions, 
and only did what His Father told Him to,
and only spoke what His Father told him.
He healed the lepers, and the lame, and the blind.
He fed the five thousand.
He raised Lazarus from the dead.
He had a life changing encounter with a Samaritan woman.
But He didn't heal everyone.
He didn't feed everyone.
Families lost loved ones to death and Jesus didn't come to the rescue.
It wasn't His time to make all the wrong things right,
not yet.
And then He died and rose again and hung around for forty days before ascending into heaven.
There's a Human Being sitting in the seat of honor at God the Father's right hand.
One of us, the Son of Man, is ruling and reigning in heaven.
And still He waits for the nod from the Father,
the go ahead signal,
the final trumpet sound,
when He can come back to planet earth,
but this time in the fullness of His glory and His splendor.
This time, He will come to clean the whole mess up.

Today as I walked beside the sea, I thought of Jesus' time here on earth, 
of how so much of His life was spent by the sea.
I wondered if the One Who spoke the sea into existence looked at it and murmured under His breath, "this is good!", like He did on the day He made it.
 I thought about how He was at peace doing what His Father told Him to do, 
even when there was still a whole lot of mess He could do nothing about.
I thought about how He trusted the Father with the rest, about how He trusted the Father with the timing.
 I realized, that's the way I have to live in order to not be overwhelmed, 
in order to not be overcome.
I have to listen to the Father and do what He says,
help who He says to help,
say what He says to say,
and trust the whole rest of the mess to Him.
Until it's time,
until He gives Jesus the nod,
until the trumpet sounds,
and finally,
the Son of Man returns.

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Tuesday, August 19, 2014

A fun vacation find...

We're on vacation at a rental condo on the Oregon Coast for a few days, 
and we will end our vacation with some time at a friend's condo in central Oregon.
Sometimes, I like to bring a little touch of home with me when we stay in a vacation rental.
I brought my favorite Laura Ashley "ginger nut" candle from home.

When we stopped at the grocery store before checking into our rented condo,
 I added a four dollar bouquet of carnations to our cart.
I thought I'd just use a drinking glass for my little inexpensive bouquet,
 but popped into the local Goodwill near the grocery store 
and found this Meakin ironstone sugar bowl for a very thrifty price.
I think it makes a cute little vase.

I like its curvy handles.

I think carnations are an under appreciated, but lovely flower.
Just look at those ruffle-y, soft pink petals.
They make thrifty, long lasting bouquets.

And now I thought I'd share a few photos from the Oregon coast!
Here's the view from our condo balcony.
You can see that this morning started out quite foggy,
but by this afternoon it was clear and warm.

I love the way this driftwood looks like a frame standing there on the shore.

Across the bay from our condo is a beach where the sea lions like to gather.
(It looks like someone is camping with them!)

Here's another view of the bay from our condo as the sun started to go down.

I was a bit heavy hearted last week with all of the ugliness going on in our nation and our world.
The sea always reminds me of the greatness of our God 
and I am reassured that He is still on the throne and in control.

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Monday, August 18, 2014

Tea for one...

(photo desaturated 40%, texture-Kim's 1603, lighten 30% opacity)

In spite of the fact that it's mid August and the weather is still warm,
there are signs that autumn is just around the corner.

(PicMonkey's rapture effect, fade 30%)

The official first day of autumn isn't until September 23rd,
but I smelled a hint of it in the air today 
as we drove through the farmland between the Willamette Valley and the Oregon coast.

(desaturated 30%, texture-Kim's benjamin, lighten, 20% opacity)

I felt the nearness of fall last week on a refreshingly cool day
 that followed on the heels of the hottest day so far this year.
It was cool enough to enjoy a cup of hot tea in the afternoon.

(photo desaturated 30%, texture -Kim's just a touch, screen mode, 20% opacity)

I'm not one who wishes away my days, longing for the next season in the midst of the season we're in.
I love summer and am savoring every last day of it.
Autumn will be here soon enough.

(photo desaturated 40%, texture-Kim's rainy day, hard light, 30% opacity)

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