Friday, April 17, 2015

Let the beauty of Jesus be seen in me...

I've written about this before, but I think it bears repeating.
I was about 21 years old when I went to my first "grown up" women's Bible study.
The class was taught by a seventy-something year old retired missionary.
She would often open the class with this song,

“Let the beauty of Jesus be seen in me
All His wonderful passion and purity
Oh, Thou Spirit divine, all my nature refine
Till the beauty of Jesus be seen in me.” 
(Albert Orsborn/Tom M. Jones)

I did, indeed, see the beauty of Jesus in her.
My heart was melted by her passion for the Word of God,
and I wanted to understand and teach God's Word like she did.
There was no generation gap between us, in spite of our five decade age difference.
I was drawn to the beauty of her heart, the beauty of Jesus in her,
and her brief presence in my life marked me forever.

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Thursday, April 16, 2015

Friday Favs...a little beach cottage love

I seem to be having a little hankering for the little cottage by the sea that only exists in my dreams.

So, while I sipped my morning coffee today,  I took a few minutes to add some beach cottage touches to my home, eighty miles inland from the Pacific Ocean.

If I did, in actuality, live in a cottage by the sea,  I would then be 80 miles away from my grandkids.
But, since this life exists only in my imagination, my children all live in cottages by the sea as well,
and I spend my days exploring tide pools and collecting shells with the grandkids.
And we all live happily ever after.

It's almost Friday, friends!
Have a HAPPY, HAPPY Friday
a SAFE and BLESSED weekend!


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Wednesday, April 15, 2015

There is none like you...

"There is none like You
No one else can touch my heart like You do
I could search for all eternity long
And find there is none like You"

Are you familiar with these song lyrics written by Lenny LeBlanc?
I have a question for you.
What if this isn't just our song to God?
What if this is the song He sings over us?

I think any parent with more than one child, 
any grandparent with more than one grand baby,
recognizes that the saying, "I love you all the same" isn't exactly true.
While, you may love them with equal passion,
the way that they tug on your heart strings is as unique as their personalities.
My oldest granddaughter's sunshine-y personality and the way her smile lights up a room,
my oldest grandson's, (aka Mr. Funny), sense of humor,
the way my youngest grandson studies a person's eyes before bursting into a big grin,
the way my six year old granddaughter is full of adventurous curiosity,
the way my youngest granddaughter is a pink loving girlie girl,
each one captures my heart as only that one can do.

From the beginning of creation until now and into eternity, 
there is only one you.
There is a reason He wanted there to be a you.
You've heard it said that there's a God shaped hole in the heart of every person that only God can fill.
What if that same God loves each one of us so much 
that there is a you shaped hole in His great heart that can be filled by you alone?
What if it's true that no other person touches His heart like you do?
What if you are His favorite?
I have five favorite grandchildren, each one is my irreplaceable favorite, 
because each one is unique and each one touches my heart in a way that the others don't.
How sad I would be if one of them wasted their days trying to be more like one of the others
in order to get me to notice or to love them more.
Yet, don't we do that?
Why do we waste our days trying to be more like others, 
when all that our Creator desires is for us to become more fully ourselves,
more like the person He designed us to be from the beginning of time?
His beautiful image is reflected in the many faceted sides of our uniqueness,
in my oldest daughter's beautiful dimples and deep wisdom,
in my second born's fierce passion and perfect bow shaped lips,
in my youngest's big brown eyes and sensitive spirit.
How sad it must be to our Creator when we try to conform ourselves 
into the likeness of someone else, 
when the only One we are to be conformed to is into the image of His Son.
Aren't we most like His Son when we are fully, wholeheartedly loving Him
 with all of our heart, soul, mind and strength?
Perhaps I can only wholly love Him with all that I am when I accept all that I am, just as I am. 
There is none like you.
There's freedom in embracing that fact.

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Tuesday, April 14, 2015

Mason jar lid inserts for flowers or candles...

Last week I did a blog post about my antique french canning jar.
This week I wanted to point out to you the inserts I found that fit any normal mason jar lid,
 (not wide mouth jars).
I bought the lid inserts at either Michael's craft store or JoAnn's Fabric, 
(I think they both carry them).

For around four dollars you get three votive candle inserts in a package.
I am thinking of using them in clear glass canning jars at Christmas time, 
with a little snow scene inside the jar.

I'm not sure if you noticed in last week's post the mason jar lid inserts that hold flowers in place.
They were around four dollars for four inserts.

It's fun that I can use these lid inserts on any kind or color of jar that fits a normal size lid.

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Monday, April 13, 2015


(Kim's 1412 texture, multiply, 100% opacity)

It was a nice little break from doing our taxes, my least favorite thing to have to be doing,
 to put together this simple still life and to spend a few moments photographing it.
I think Kim is right. 
When we pause, even for a few minutes, to be still enough to enjoy a little touch of beauty
 and to capture it in a photograph, it calms and refreshes the soul. 

(Kim's 2303, hardlight, 30% opacity)

This little thyme plant normally resides on my kitchen windowsill.
It thrives there in its sunny spot.

 (Kim's avery texture, lighten, 20% opacity)

For this still life, I set a few of my favorite cookbooks on top of an old crate
and used the thyme plant as a living bookend.
Simply lovely.
Now, if I just didn't have to finish those darn taxes!

(Kim's grunge texture, hardlight, 30% opacity)

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