Monday, November 28, 2022

Weekly Gratitude Journal

On my instagram and facebook social media accounts I've been daily posting things that I am grateful for all during the month of November-the Month of Thanksgiving, I call it. Yet, I've again been away from my blog for some weeks. My home has been transitioned into full Christmas mode but everyday I will still be celebrating thanksgiving. Gratitude is, indeed, a key to happiness. May I add that knowing Whom to give our thanks is key. And so today, I say once again, thank You God for Your faithful care and Your abundant blessings in my life 
Since 2009 I've been counting my blessings thanks to the prompting of Ann Voskamp.
 I continue to count my thanks, 
piling up gratitude day by day in my journal.
(and capturing some of my blessings via my camera or iPhone)


-thank You God, for Psalm 139 and the fact that you intimately know me
-tea, cookies and heart conversation with a young mama from our church
-my husband's thanks for a good dinner

-God speaking to my heart from Ezekiel 37
-a break in the rain for a good walk
-my grandson feeling better after having to go to the ER with breathing difficulties

-encouraging texts from my granddaughter

-a good night's sleep
-texts, phone calls and FaceTime chats with my faraway family
-going with my friend to pick up her new puppy
-cheery holiday cups at Starbucks

-a wonderful Friday date day with my guy
-a home filled with God's peace and presence
-God showing our grandson the truth that "if you don't quit, you win"

-a day of cleaning and nesting while listening to podcasts
-plans with my siblings for a reunion
-my husband bringing home dinner from one of my favorite places

-God growing our church
-powerful worship
-lunch with friends

-God's "hesed" lovingkindness
-my husband
-our three daughters
-our sons-in-law

-God blessing my day and helping me to get everything done
-D's help with tonight's notes
-my son-in-law's grandma's Applesauce cake recipe
-this beautiful crisp, cold, clear autumn day
-a wonderful gathering with the women from our church

-a nice long FaceTime chat with my oldest granddaughter
-a new cozy sweater
-making potato soup the way Mama made it for our dinner

-my husband helping our oldest granddaughter with a car insurance issue
-long phone chats with my sisters
-a very impactful Bible study

-going to a part of town we haven't been to in a long time for Friday date day
-my husband always thinking about what I like to do on date day
-cozy time sipping our favorite hot beverages when its frosty and and cold outside

-God's continued work in our lives
-a coworker's teachable spirit
-finishing the day well after it getting off to a rough start

-God continuing to add to the church
-a good chat with a new friend after church
-going antiquing with a friend

-another beautiful clear, cold autumn day
-an encouraging talk with one of the young women from our church
-tomato soup and grilled cheese sandwiches
-telling stories via FaceTime with our youngest granddaughter
-YaY! Two of my South Carolina grandson's are coming to see us in December!

-a good phone chat with my granddaughter
-getting the kitchen deep cleaned for the holidays
- a flock of Canadian geese flying by against the background of a beautiful autumn sunset
-good reports about things God is doing in our church

-lunch at a favorite Mexican restaurant followed by a walk around the lake

-a friend's encouraging phone call
-our home

-early morning blue hour skies
-cozy candlelight on my kitehen windowsill
-a morning spent praying and fasting with the women of our church
-another amazing Bible study

-another gorgeous autumn day
-a wonderful date day together
-good news of answered prayer for a sick loved one

-a good night's sleep
-my guy bringing me coffee in bed
-meeting with a young woman from church
-our neighbor's houses all lit up for Christmas

-our four youngest grandkids getting to be together for Thanksgiving 
-a wonderful morning at church
-a great meeting with my Visionary Leadership Team
-a wonderful time of tea and deep heart conversation with my friend from Cali.

-God is working as we pray and trust Him
-a nice long walk with our dog
-phone chats with my sisters

-praying with my granddaughter who has the flu
-God's promises to me
-a extra day off together

-my nephew on his 55th birthday
-my husband listening to old Keith Green music this morning
-the smell of pumpkin custard baking 
-a bouquet of Trader Joe's roses combined with foraged Christmas greens

-Thank You, God for sending Jesus and the Holy Spirit!
-Thank You for my husband, daughters, sons-in-law and 8 grandkids
-Thank You, God for my siblings
-Thank You, God for our church family
-Thank You, God for our home
-Thanksgiving with family and friends

-a quiet post Thanksgiving Friday
-decorating our Christmas tree

-running some errands together
-watching a cheesy Christmas movie

-listening to powerful teaching while doing my Saturday chores
-talking with a praying with a friend
-easy, yummy potsticker soup after a busy day

-a timely word for the times we are living in
-a yummy post Thanksgiving potluck 
-a post holiday food long walk

still following,

Tuesday, November 1, 2022

Weekly Gratitude Post

We just returned home from a trip to see our east coast dwelling daughters, sons-in law and grandkids. As always, it was so good to love on our grandkids and visit with our daughters and sons-in-law. It's a five hour drive between our South Carolina daughter's house and our Florida daughter's house, so during the ten days we were gone there were two days spent making that drive, but the good news was that our South Carolina daughter and her two youngest boys were able to go with us which meant that all four of our youngest grandkids were able to enjoy being together. Happy chaos! We also were able to see our oldest grandson who is making a great recovery from the accident that he was in towards the end of September. It was a blessing to this nana to get to see him, hug him and kiss his still handsome face, (he had some pretty severe facial injuries) even if he is a grown man of eighteen! His spirits are good, too. We are so thankful.
I'll finish up posting the rest of October's gratitude journal entries here today. And now it's November and we are officially in the month where we are supposed to focus on being thankful. I'm thankful that thirteen years ago, thanksgiving became a life-changing, intentional daily habit in my life. One day a year is not sufficient! Every day there is always something to give God thanks for.
Since 2009 I've been counting my blessings thanks to the prompting of Ann Voskamp.
 I continue to count my thanks, 
piling up gratitude day by day in my journal.
(and capturing some of my blessings via my camera or iPhone)


-an answer to prayer for my youngest daughter and her husband to find an affordable, reliable second vehicle
-all the families in our church that had to evacuate due to a wildfire nearby are safe and their homes and property are unharmed
-my husband bring home pho soup for dinner since we both are fighting colds

-cozy home, cozy candlelight on this foggy autumn morning
-baking pumpkin bread and monster cookies to bring to our grandkids
-my friend watching our dog for us while we are gone

-a safe flight to Charlotte
-big hugs from our grandsons
-our daughter, who is currently living in a small rental while they are building their new house, booked us a stay in a lovely AirBnB owned by their Mennonite friends

-a cool crispy morning in South Carolina
-fixing my oldest grandson's curly hair

-a walk at the park with my eight year old grandson and a good conversation together, (according to eight year old him ❤️) 

-a slow morning and some quiet time
-our daughter making us a big breakfast
-a beautiful day to enjoy some time at a nearby state park with our grandsons

-watching our oldest grandson's football game

-my husband and our oldest grandson getting to watch South Carolina beat Texas
-my eight year grandson proudly ordering our Wendy's frosties by himself, with my money, and coming back and proudly telling me that he gave my change to charity 😂
-hugs from my oldest grandson

-a safe drive to Florida
-good reports about how church went at home
-being with all four of our youngest grandkids

-early morning grandkid snuggles
-getting to see my five year old grandson's school
-going to a really nice coffee shop and park together

-making homemade biscuits with my three year old granddaughter

- leadership of the growth groups being taken care of in my absence

-good reports about how the growth groups went
-listening to Sunday's messages from home while watching my grandkids play in the backyard pool

-evening walks/bike rides after dinner

-grabbing a Starbucks with my daughter on the way home from school drop-off
-baking cookies with my grandson and granddaughter
-a walk on the beach on Anastasia island with my grandkids

-my youngest granddaughter holding my hand
-finding sea glass
-and my eight year old grandson found some as well!
-a fun dinner at the Beachcomber restaurant right on the beach
-my eight year old grandson wanting to try gater tail-he liked it!

-having lunch with our grandson at his school
-our youngest granddaughter's big hugs goodbye
-God's protection over a loved one we've been praying for
-a safe drive back to South Carolina
-our eight year old grandson's tender heart and kind spirit
-our youngest grandson, age two, calling me "shirt" when I point at myself and ask him who I am-he thinks he's so funny!

-some time to rest
-taking the historic tour around my son-in-law's hometown

-playing on the old wooden swing at the AirBnB with my grandson

-pumpkin ice cream cones

-my grandson picking me white camellia flower

-an encouraging text from a friend
-a good visit with our oldest grandson as he drove us to the airport
-stopping for some delicious warm peach cobbler with ice cream
-a safe and uneventful flight home

-being back home with our church family-God is at work!
-texts with our oldest granddaughter
-our home

-God's faithful provision
-a procrastinated task that turned out to be simple to do thanks to a you tube video!
(cleaning the glass on our gas fireplace)

-homemade soup on a rainy day

still following,