Sunday, July 31, 2011

Holy ground…




I break the routine of how I usually spend the bulk of my hours on a Thursday afternoon

and instead I bring my book bag filled with Bible and journal

and there sitting on the old abandoned boat launch by the river

is my Bethel, the House of God,

where for these hours

while sun warms my body

the Word warms my heart

and He is here

and it is holy ground

though boats, and barges, and passers by are unaware




I continue to count my thanks

piling up gratitude

day by day

in my little green journal


-on my walk God gives me opportunity to pray with the neighbor down the street whose father just passed away

-going to opening night at our youth camp

-youngest granddaughter at the playground


-youngest daughter o.k. after a scary allergic reaction to fire ant bites that resulted in a visit to e.r.

-that she was with a good friend at the time who was able to help her

-that when we got the call, within minutes we made phone calls resulting in many people praying for her

-lunch with a friend

-making jam

-my “Jesus Date” by the river

-how Jesus heals our brokenness

-Sunday lunch with oldest daughter, son in law, youngest granddaughter


Gratefully yours,


Saturday, July 30, 2011

Praise Him…


I love to worship and praise God in the quiet of my own home during my morning devotions or with my favorite worship music playing while I’m cleaning the house.

I love to worship and praise God with others as we gather together on a Sunday or at our mid-week prayer time.

But my favorite place to worship and praise God is outdoors looking at His beautiful creation.

It is there where I am most awestruck by this Beautiful God I love and serve, the Creator of Heaven and Earth, who loves me and gave His Son as a sacrifice so I can be reconciled back to Him.  Amazing! Praiseworthy!

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Thursday, July 28, 2011

Friday Favs…Cola Crates and Cookie Books…

Old pop crates are really popular collectibles right now.

Because of that, finding them inexpensive is rare.

When I found this lovely yellow one for only $8 I snatched it up.

Many of them have partitions in them for the bottles,

but if you can find them without the partitions then they can be used for more things.

It’s nice to have something that is actually useful for something more than just being a kitschy collectible.

I  use it as a tray of sorts to hold magazines or other coffee table items…




…and now that we are finally having some nice, warm summer weather in Oregon, what about using it as a tray to hold all of the essentials for dinner for two on the deck for the Hubs and I?

I’m lovin’ it!







My other Friday fav this week is this 1966 Better Homes and Gardens Cookies and Candies Cookbook.

My mother in law gave me hers when I got married, and it is well loved.

My girls baked many of the recipes it contains throughout their growing up years.

There are chocolate-y fingerprints and other smudges on the pages.

When I found a pristinely perfect copy of it on half off day at the Salvation Army I was so happy.

I thought it would make a perfect gift, a cookbook full of memories, for oldest daughter.

When I went to pay for it, the cashier said, “This one is on the house!”

Free!  Now that’s a bargain!



Happy Friday everyone and have a blessed weekend!


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Wednesday, July 27, 2011

It’s jam makin’ time!

While the rest of the country is having sweltering heat and drought, the Northwest has had a cool, wet summer so far.  Right now, however, we are enjoying some sun and warmth, not hot, but at least warm! Time to head to the local farmer’s market and see if the local berries are ripe in spite of the weather.  They are!


That means it’s jam makin’ time!  It truly is a simple pleasure.  Freezer jam couldn’t be easier to make or tastier to eat.  We love it!


Everything you need to know is written on instructions inside the pectin box.


Simply crush the clean berries.

Stir in the sugar and mix well.  Let set for 10 minutes, stirring occassionally.


In a smaller bowl combine the pectin and lemon juice per directions. 

After the berries and sugar have been combined for 10 minutes

add the pectin mixture and stir well for three minutes.


Put into clean freezer containers, leaving space at the top as things expand when they freeze.


All ready for the freezer!


This winter we will enjoy the taste of summer on our toast.

I think I’ll make some blackberry jam next.

What’s your favorite jam?


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How He loves…


He waits for me

and I waste the first 10 minutes of our time together apologizing

that I just don’t love Him enough

that my love is so weak

so fickle

that I’m so easily distracted by other loves

lesser loves

that my eyes lust after things that don’t satisfy

and my heart follows along

But here I am, back again, at the Place I Belong

apologizing, again

for my wandering ways

It’s as if He rolls His eyes

and interrupts me as I’m speaking

He says, “It’s not about how much you love Me, it’s about how much I love you.”*

And He blows me away with His words

He blows my excuses away

The excuse of my own weakness crumbles and falls

As I sink into His embrace and let Him love me

*1 John 4:10-16


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Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Daisies and dollies, trays and towels…


The backyard daisies are in full bloom.

It’s so nice when flowers can be cut and brought in from our own yard, not purchased at the store.





I’m loving my new Dollar Tree homespun French inspired 100% cotton towels! Smile 

The towels from “La Dollar Tree” sit in an old zinc tray next to a white ironstone bowl filled with seashells.





This vintage baby doll with her little bucket and spoon, another larger bucket planted with succulents, a rusty tin spoon, and some sand and seashells were all arranged in a vignette and tucked into the metal tray when I picked it up at the antique store. (I disassembled it without taking photos!)

I know youngest granddaughter will enjoy this vintage baby in her baggy britches.



That’s it from me for today!


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