Monday, April 29, 2013

Something lovely...

I love these peach and coral tipped carnations that my husband bought for me a while ago.
I also love their hardiness!
 This simple grocery store bouquet of carnations has given me something lovely to look at for two weeks, 
and they still look fresh.

(editing using one layer of Kim's 3003 texture, screen mode, 40% opacity
and one layer of Kim's 3003-2 texture, hardlight mode, 20% opacity)

Still following,


  1. They are so lovely, Elizabeth. I love the way carnations last so long.
    Mary Alice

  2. I love the long-lasting quality of mini carnations! You image is especially lovely.

  3. Beautifully shared! My sweet husband is not the sort to just randomly bring me flowers so early in our marriage he told me to include a few dollars in our grocery budget and buy them each week...practical romance :-) Regardless of where they come from I love having fresh flowers in the house and if you keep the water clean they will last for a while.
    Peace and grace to you!

  4. So lovely and fresh...lovely verse. I really love the photo on your header!

  5. Love your perspective you did on your image, beautiful use of composition. The color is fantastic also.

  6. Beautiful. I love the composition of the image. The flowers forming a triangle with the main flower at a vertex in the middle of the image. And a diagonal direction from the upper left flower through the center flower leads your eye to the text. Nicely done.



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