Saturday, January 12, 2013

Psalm 147:16

What an amazing artist God is!
I love winter days that are frosty cold, but with blue skies and sun.
Definitely something that I appreciate since we get more than our share of gray skies and rain!
Still following,

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  1. Welcome home, my friend. I assume you are home and 'enjoying' our frosty weather! I love the picture of God walking around our world, scattering frost here and there. He sure did a great job in our neighborhood last night and I can see that He was in yours!

  2. Beautiful! Hey, grab my new button for next week :)

  3. I've been enjoying the beautiful blue skies and sunshine, too! We've got a bit of snow at our house. It's frozen.

  4. I agree! God is the ultimate artist. Thanks for the reminder to notice the frost...and thank Him for His gifts.

  5. Hi Elizabeth
    I am in agreement with Kristi on this one. Pappa God has even created our abilities to create. What amazes me the most is the fact that time is His creation as well. Amazing, for He lives eternally and not bounded by time! Nice meeting you at Barbie's!
    Hugs to you XX

  6. Elizabeth, what a beautiful photo. It was 70* here yesterday and honestly, although I'm thankful for the respite, I'm ok with getting back to a bit of frost xo
    Thank you for the breath of fresh air this morning

  7. I can usually count on your blog for an uplifting thought and this morning I got several from another of Ronda Richs books. It is called What Southern Women Know About Faith. I checked it out at the library but think I might have to buy my own copy just to have on hand for those down days. It will sure give you a lift if you ever need one. It's good mainly because she always points you to the Bible not her own wisdom.That is what you do so well and thank you for that.

  8. I think one of the reasons I love photography so much is the ability it gives me to "see" His creation in a way that I may normally have missed going about my regular day.

    Truly I am amazed by what I see.

  9. God gave so much beauty to fill our days. I love cold, sunny days too. We don't get too many days like that in SE Texas. Blessings!

  10. Lovely, Elizabeth. The photo and Word and the explanation of your heart.


  11. It was definately cold and low 20's is COLD. Wonderful picture.

  12. Love the photo--it illustrates the verse so well--

    Hope your new week is blessed!

  13. Frost like ashes; that is beautiful. I don't remember that verse, but with your picture I won't soon forget it.

  14. His presence is so evident in this picture, and man can't authenticly reproduce this wonder!


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