Thursday, May 17, 2012

Friday’s Favs…My home office, aka Elizabeth’s sanctuary, is almost done!


The pumpkin orange walls of my home office are now my favorite soft gray.

The enormous office furniture has been sold.

My goal of having, not just a home office where I can balance the check book, pay bills and take care of business,

but a sanctuary where I can have quiet time, write and blog,

a place I actually enjoy being, is coming to pass.


The comfy chair has a temporary “slipcover” of a white throw blanket.

I made the new pillow cover using heat and bond, since I don’t own a sewing machine.

(But yes, I did manage to sew the button on the old fashioned way!)


My daughter found me this 9 drawer dresser  on Craig’s list.

The owner bought it at Home Goods recently, but had to sell it because of a cross country move.

I got it for $75, which I thought was a pretty good deal.

It fits perfectly my need for something to store both office and craft supplies in.


A simple painting I painted with my third grade level art skills,

sits on the dresser next to a vintage scale.

Maybe I’ll find a thrift store frame that I can paint white and frame the painting some day.


This is my quiet place. Smile


Now onto my desk makeover…


Unfortunately, my desk is computer central, so the wifi booster, extra hard drive and printer have to take up residence here.

But, I’m lovin’ my new desktop look…vintage hymnal pages modge-podged on, then coated with water base polyurethane.


Even my little desktop cubby got the hymnal treatment.


The desk is skirted with muslin, so I don’t have to look at the ugly computer cords underneath.

I trimmed the desk skirt in creamy white grosgrain ribbon from Dollar Tree.

Heat and Bond and a glue gun did the trick.


When the massive office furniture was sold, I also said bye bye to the big, ugly office chair.

Hello, cute, dainty, wood office chair with wheels.

Happy, happy Goodwill find for $14.99!

I still need to find a little chair pad for a bit of cush for the tush!


The desk sits right in front of the window.

Since my office is on the second story,  my view is of the branches of our huge cedar tree.

It feels a bit like being in a tree house.


A simple pennant banner that I made adorns the window.

If privacy is needed, I can just lower the blinds, but really, I almost never do.



Next to my desk sits my little prayer bench.

I originally got the idea for a prayer bench from Ann Voskamp @ A Holy Experience.

Now my little bench has a dark gray coat of  paint, distressed  a bit and given a quick coat of polyurethane.


On the wall above the prayer bench I made a little mobile.


I have a few things left to do and my little sanctuary will be done.

This weekend we’ll get two white Ikea bookcases for the wall opposite the dresser.

Right now all my books are stacked on the floor in the spare room.

I need to cull through them and get rid of some, which is akin to deciding which old friends to get rid of!

I also want some type of shelves for above the 9 drawer dresser.

I really want two of these chicken feeders as shelves, but haven’t been able to find them yet.

If you know where I can get them, please let me know.

I also need to decide what to do about a slipcover for the comfy chair,

or if the throw blanket is good enough.

A new little wastebasket, and that’s it, it will be done.

I am really thankful for this peaceful place and how it’s all coming together.


Friday’s comin’!

Have a HAPPY, HAPPY Friday and a BLESSED weekend!


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  1. Love your sanctuary. :) We all need a place like that in our home. I want my whole house to feel that way. :) I think your painting is very pretty. ;)

  2. Oh...I love what you have done...right now I have a little corner in my bedroom...a little nook sanctuary for me...oh one day...this is very sweet...I know you will love your new space...thanks for sharing~ blessings and enjoy!

  3. Love your hide-away! I've always wanted to make me a sanctuary but alas since it's only me and my furr baby then I have the whole house as my sanctuary. BUT I'm believing this year that will change!! Can't wait to see the rest of your makeover.

  4. such a beautiful sanctuary! it has such a peaceful feel...i love the soft grey palette you have chosen. your desk looks fabulous, love the prayer bench and the mobile is a sweet touch! such a wonderful place!

  5. It really is lovely, Elizabeth. I like how you've covered/arranged your desk and the pray mobile over the altar...
    The bookshelves will certainly be a wonderful addition - and if it were me, I'd be happy with the white throw covering your chair. Then again, if you have upholstery skills (or just such a friend), go for it :)

  6. What a lovely sanctuary you have created for yourself. LOVE the 9 drawer dresser. What a find. :)

  7. You've created a wonderful retreat place in your home. I believe a special place like yours is needed by most women. Yours looks so peaceful. Love the old scale! Your window treatment is perfect.
    Mary Alice

  8. What a wonderful space you've put together. It feels very restful. I have so many books I should go through too...I feel the same way about them that you do :)

  9. Love, love the nine drawer dresser piece.
    Your home office has come along beautifully, looks so cozy.
    Thanks for sharing.

  10. Beautiful sanctuary, Elizabeth!

  11. What an amazing difference the paint color makes, so beautiful and tranquil! we all need a space like this to keep us sane and productive! thanks for linking up with Vintage Inspiration!

  12. Looks wonderful and I could imagine taking a little nap in that comfy looking chair!
    Be a sweetie,
    Shelia ;)

  13. What a treat to tour your special room. Each touch made me smile as I imagined the peace you'll find in the cushy softness of your chair or the words that will bless others when written on the hymns of old. And your words. Thank you for allowing me to share in your joy.

  14. I really love your new quiet/work place. It's so peaceful. I guess that was your goal! ;)

  15. Awesome job! Thanks for being a part of Seasonal Sundays.

    - The Tablescaper

  16. This looks like a fun place to relax or be creative... or both!


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