Tuesday, March 23, 2010

My office all spring cleaned up...

This is my home office.  I love its pumpkin-y orange walls. 

I love the "shabby chic" unfinished muslin
tacked around the desk with upholstery tacks
 to hide the ugly computer cords.

I love the black twenty dollar Goodwill shelf .

I love the shelves full of my favorite books
that I have read over and over.

I love the view from the window.

 I love my little prayer bench.

I love that I have a quiet place to blog, study, pray, read. 

After spending all day Saturday cleaning it, throwing stuff out, and rearranging it I love that, for now, it's clean and tidy.

Have you started any spring cleaning yet?


  1. What a cozy place to read, study and pray.
    You can stop over my house anytime for dinner and of course, pie for dessert! heheheh
    Blessings multiplied,

  2. I LOVE that color - such a charming room! In my house it would be my hiding place...with a lock on the door.... ;)

  3. Very charming and cozy!!

  4. Lovely! Great job in adding beauty to your life!

  5. It looks like a beautiful office! :)

  6. Its funny you should ask, because as I write I am sitting in my computer room, and dreaming about re-painting it a warm colour and making it a tryst place between my Lord and I.
    That colour you have is quite lovely...
    the whole room is beautiful (and neat) lol
    Inspired by your room too...
    your music is lovely..I love those songs too..I have a few of Mistys cds.
    Shalom sister

    Deborah \0/


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