Saturday, May 19, 2012

He is the Rock…



This verse is so rich in its list of powerful descriptions of God’s character.

Really it needs no words from me to add to it.

This is one worth meditating on for a while,

until its truths sink from my head down into my heart.


Still following,




  1. That is a lot to meditate on this weekend. Thank you, friend!

  2. God may not be fair, but he is just and good and faithful. Great verse. :)

  3. Your right, every word so rich and true. Happy Sunday to Elizabeth and thanks for following me this week. What a blessing you are to me.

  4. His ways are perfect... I need that reminder sometimes! I know it, and yet I forget to focus on that. Thankful for our Rock!

  5. "For all His ways are justice"
    ...that line alone is deep enough to keep my mind busy!

    Popped over from Barbie's...linked up here too. Look forward to getting to know you. Hugs - Bina

  6. Love your picture art... please consider dropping by ECTaS and sharing this there too!

    It would be a privilege for you to join me :D

  7. He is the rock! That is a pretty one.

  8. ... scripture AND the MUSIC...I sat here a while, me and our Lord, we sat together a bit, right here. Smile.

  9. Thank you for linking up... love your photos!

  10. He IS my Rock. That is the way I have grown to feature Him in my life. The strong and solid and "there forever" piece buried in my heart.


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