Wednesday, September 23, 2009

My prayer bench...

Another lovely idea from Ann Voskamp's prayer bench. My house is small so I had to find a small bench. A quick trip to Ross, and there it it was waiting just for me-just for this purpose. Two drawers to hold prayer books, or paper and pen- small enough to fit in a spot in our home office where I go to read and study. A place prepared for prayer in my home... More than that God, make me Your house of prayer. That You would have preeminence, the chief place, in this temple that is me and that Your Spirit would pray through me without ceasing...that every concern, every worry or fear, every thankful thought, would all be turned into prayer.


  1. Such a beautiful post Elizabeth. I know the father hears the cry of your heart.
    You have a lovely place to sit at His feet.

  2. Elizabeth,
    I am being so tickled by your wrote that we were kindred spirits on my blog..
    and the more I see of your blog, the more I smile..
    I too, love Ann's heart from Holy Experience...
    our Lord has touched me deeply from His words through her writings.
    I have a room too and lately I've been wanting to set it aside to be my tryst place with the lover of my soul...
    Talk to you soon..good night my friend :)
    I love Mistys songs too!

    Deborah \0/


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