Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Ghanaian Market Basket…


I first saw a Ghanaian market basket here.

I had no idea I would be going to Ghana myself and would bring two of them home,

one for me and one for my oldest daughter.


We had quite an adventure finding the baskets.

First we went to the open market in Kumasi, the largest one in West Africa.

It was the most crowded mass of humanity I’ve ever seen.

Thousands of people make their way through very narrow paths with stands full of wares on both sides,

while very eager merchants try to get their attention.




It’s very hot, humid, and crowded.

The sights, sounds, and smells are overwhelming.

We never did make it through anything but the food part of the market.

The market is so massive that we couldn’t find the “crafts”, (what they call the handmade items).


The last couple of days of our trip, we stayed in Accra, near the airport.

We went to the craft market there, and I saw every kind of basket but the kind I wanted.

I showed the merchants a Pinterest photo from my Iphone,

and they scattered like crazy to be the first one back to me with the market baskets.

When the merchants see a foreigner they raise the price,

but our Ghanaian host and friend, Bishop A., dickered with them and got the lovely baskets for me for a fair price.


I’ve read that the baskets are woven from elephant grass.

I love the simple beauty of the plain ones,

but my daughter in Ghana has a beautiful multi-colored one


If I could have figured out how to transport them, I’d have brought several home with me.

I know they would be snatched up eagerly.


To me, my market basket is a lovely “souvenir” of an amazing, life changing trip!

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  1. What a beautiful basket! And such a sweet reminder of your time in Ghana - and the dear ones you left there. I love the texture and the gentle colors. A dear friend brought me a market basket from Kenya last summer. It's very different - and bright!

  2. Gorgeous basket. I used to live in Italy and I remember the markets there. I can only imagine what the market in Uganda is like. I love that you could bring up the image from Pintrest for the basket you wanted. LOVE technology. :)

  3. What a beautiful market basket. I can just picture it full of the summer's fruit and veggie bounty. I can hear summer calling....

  4. What a gorgeous market basket!
    Mary Alice

  5. Very beautiful and natural basket. A souvenir which is both beautiful and functional.

  6. I have a few market bags I love.This one look svery nice as well~Cheers Kim

  7. That is a gorgeous basket. I really do like all of Africa's bright and beautiful colors in their clothes and well as their hand made products.


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