Monday, April 23, 2012

A touch of green…


030pk copy

When I first found this transferware sugar bowl at the Goodwill I plopped a primrose inside.

The primrose lost its blooms and is now planted outdoors,

and this little succulent has taken its place.

(photo edited with one layer of Kim’s “let go” texture at soft light mode 90% opacity.)

Still following,




  1. Nicely done, the succulent should do well in the sugar bowl too.

  2. I was admiring some of these the other day. I think I have just the sugar bowl :).

  3. I don't know if it is like the one I have but if it is all you have to do to start a new plant is to take a petal off and lay it on the ground and it roots and starts a whole new plant. They are great.

  4. I adore succulents. Pretty shot.

  5. Such a pretty photo. It has such a peaceful feel to it!

  6. Nice little still life and I like the subtle use of texture.

  7. Great image! I love your vintage scale and vase! Your processing is so nice. I like how warm and soft it looks. Amazing job :)


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