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It was good to be back at our home church, after missing two weeks while in Ghana.

But all through worship I kept thinking about them,

the Ghanaians we met,

the way they dance in worship,

the way, no matter what type of place they call home,

they come to church clean and neat and wearing their finest and best,

the way church lasts for hours,

yet not once did I hear a Ghanaian baby or child fuss or cry during the service,

and I still wonder how they do it.

I felt it, there in my home church, that I had left a piece of my heart on that other continent,

yes, because my daughter, son-in-law and grandchildren are still there,

but more than just that.

I realize that they are part of me, those beautiful Ghanaians,

and I am part of them,

and together we are all a part of the beautiful tapestry that God calls

the body of Christ.

The threads:


Bishop A., bishop for his network of churches in Ghana,

who used to walk miles into the villages to hold services

and has raised up over twenty churches,

yet in such humility and lowliness,

set the tables, served us tea,



Bishop’s wife, who isn’t confident in her ability to speak English,

who greeted me with the words,

“Helloooooo, Mom!”,

and while we visited with her,

out of the blue began to sing “I love You, Lord, and I lift my voice…”,

in English,

and she didn’t know, but God did,

how that’s the song I’ve always sung with my grandbabies before they went to sleep,

and how what she did was God’s sign to me

that His eye is on my grandbabies while they’re in Ghana…


J., who cooked our meals while we stayed at the retreat center,

whose jollof rice with sauce was the best,

and who lit up like a Christmas tree when I told her that the meal was delicious…

O., who is in charge of cleaning the retreat center,

a young woman in her mid-twenties,

who probably weighs no more than 120lbs,

but who carried 5 gallon containers full of water on her head

to every guest in the retreat center so we could bathe

when the pump quit working…


F., Bishop’s intern, son of the pastor in the fishing village, Winneba,

loves Jesus, loves to preach, a servant,

a world changer…


K., our driver, guide, protector, friend,

one whose life was changed by Jesus in every way,

fun, funny…

So many threads,

pastors in little villages,

women who eagerly attended the workshop I taught at the conference,

beautiful Ghanaian children,

beautiful threads,

knit together in Christ.


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  1. I completely understand about leaving a piece of your heart behind with those precious brothers and sisters. It's awesome to have a better visual context when we read or sing about people from every nation, tribe, and tongue.

  2. oh wow...i know that was an amazing trip...and you touched them as much as they obviously touched you...and i know all too well leaving a bit of your heart...smiles...welcome home

  3. I'll bet you NEVER forget this wonderful experience. How great our joy when we are all together in eternity.

  4. What an awesome trip you had! I got goose bumps when I read about the pastors wife breaking into song, and it was the song you sing over your own grandbabies. God was with you there just as He is with you now. I love how He showed you that in an unmistakable way.

  5. I love everything about this post.

  6. This post makes me excited for heaven, and all the people, all worshiping Him.

    It's just beautiful.

  7. I was thinking something very much like the previous comment said. That is exactly what I picture when I think of every nation, tribe, and tongue.

    And I want to dance like I'm from Ghana, frankly.

    This was a beautiful post.

  8. oh, what beautiful people... thank you for introducing them to us. i've missed you, friend! so glad you're back.

  9. Getting the chill bumps as I read your words and look at your pictures. God is SO beautiful in all people, everywhere. What a huge blessing for them and for you that you got to share time and space! I knew that would happen! :-)

  10. Thank you for sharing this with your readers. Everything is so beautiful when seen through God's eyes or one of his own that is being shown things through his eyes. I am so glad you are letting God use you and sharing it with us.

  11. Beautiful! I love how God has woven us all together. I also love African clothing! Aren't those women gorgeous? I want both an outfit and the confidence to wear it!

  12. What beautiful designs and how lovely the people in your sphere are!

  13. I simply cannot stop looking at the gorgeous photo at the top, with all those dresses and all that dancing beauty. Then, I scroll down to find more Spirit-filled beauty, then back up again... This makes me heart swell.

  14. Beautiful to be reminded that God is working EVERYWHERE, even in places we do not see or know. Thank you for sharing with us His work in Ghana.

    A Heartening Life


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