Thursday, October 6, 2011

Friday’s favs…Vintage French towels and European grain sacks

It’s interesting what you bring home with you when you travel.

I find that what I bring home has changed over the years.

When my family was young it was t-shirts emblazoned boldly with the name of whatever state or tourist attraction we had visited.  Or coffee mugs!  I still have a box of coffee mugs tucked away in our storage closet from Texas, Louisiana, Florida and various other places.

My tastes then moved on to pottery.  I would try to find local pieces of stoneware to bring home with me when I traveled.  Once I carried home with me on the plane a whole set of stoneware canisters and a set of mixing bowls from Texas!

When we visited Maine, Prince Edward Island and Nova Scotia last month my luggage space was limited, and  I didn’t want to pay the fees to check another bag. 

Here’s a little peek of what made the cut.

Clams!  When we visited the relatives at the farm on P.E.I., they gave us two jars of home canned clams to take home with us.  Putting glass jars filled with juice and clams in your checked baggage is a risk.  Imagine the smell if they broke!  But the thought of wasting their hard work, plus the thought of how yummy the homemade chowder is going to be, made me risk it.  We wrapped them up in our dirty clothes and hoped for the best and hurray!

They made it home to Oregon safe and sound.


A P.E.I. potato sack…I have one framed and hanging in my kitchen!


Also from P.E.I., I bought a children’s book explaining what it is to be Acadian and an Acadian cookbook.

I learned so much about my French Acadian family and heritage while visiting and wanted something to help me pass that on to my children and grandchildren.  The cookbook has recipes in it of foods that I remember Mama talking about having when she was a child. 

Anyone out there in blogland know about Rapure, or Rappie Pie as it’s sometimes called?


From Maine I just had to bring home Robert McCloskey’s Blueberries for Sal to read to my granddaughter.

We already have and love One Morning in Maine and some of his other books.


You should have seen me as we drove along through Maine, New Brunswick, P.E.I. and Nova Scotia.

I’d perk up every time we passed any signs that said “Antiques”.

Linens were on my mind.

Beautiful, old, textured linens.

How easy would it be to fit some lightweight linens in my luggage?

Thanks to my patient husband, brother in law, and sister, who stopped the car quite a few times to indulge me.

On our very first stop, somewhere in Maine at the hugest antiques store I’ve ever seen,

vintage French towels, and for a pretty good price too!

When I spied one embroidered with my mama’s initials it seemed “meant to be”, as this trip was all about exploring the places where Mama was born and grew up.



In Mama’s hometown I found a store with a whole stack of European grainsacks.

P.E. is embroidered on this one.

Again it seemed “meant to be” as Mama was born on Prince Edward Island, so this one came home with me.




Who knew that the best kitchen store ever would be found in little, old Bath, Maine?!

A couple of new linen towels from there came home with me.

I love towels you know!





What comes home with you when you travel?




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  1. CLAMS in checked luggage. You're a better man than I am, Gunga Din. LOVE the towels. This trip sounds so wonderful.

  2. Fun finds! What special mementos from your trip.

  3. First, Elizabeth, I'm sorry I haven't been here for so long. From the last post Sara wrote in August, and the subsequent posts by her friends, I could read the handwriting on the wall. I've been thinking only of her, and reading only her blog. And now Sara has gone home to be with God and I’m now just beginning to breathe again and starting to get back to reading the blogs I heart – and I heart YOURS! And today I come here and I smile beginning to end of post and pictures! Such a treasure trove – and that picture book – the blueberry one – I think I read that as a child – many hundreds of years ago ツ I have missed reading you – I read about the stuff you bring home – and it makes me smile. Smiles have been rare this last month – but this big, big smile on my face right now – that is YOUR my friend. Thank you. And I don't even like clams – but I'm really happy they made it.

  4. Oh Elizabeth, I so loved this post. You just bring me into your life...I feel the great love you have for your Lord, family, home and all things beautiful. You really are so delightful. Thank you for sharing the joy of living and loving and being loved.

    I LOVE your treasures! Each and every one...but the towel with your Mama's initials made me such in emotion. I would absolutely agree with was meant to be. I call those little occurences GOD HUGS!

  5. Oh all those pretty vintage linens.


  6. You brought home some wonderful things to remember your trip, Elizabeth. I adore those pretty linens and the monograms that make them even more special. Hope you have a good weekend :)

  7. What joy seeing all your treasures. I love linens, too. In fact I was in an antique mall today looking for some old lace trims. I'm amazed that you found them with your mother's initials. I just love how God surprises us with sweet blessings along the way.

  8. You are much braver than I, my friend! The clams would have been carried onto the plane in my purse!! I love the linens and the book you brought home. Such treasures. Sweet memories of your dream-of-a-lifetime trip.

    What do I bring home? Pretty much whatever captures my fancy. My last trip to California for retreat, it was books. Lots of books. So many I held my breath when my suitcase was lifted on the scale. It was fine and there would have been room for more!

  9. love your display looks awesome never would have thought using a ladder come see me at

  10. hi, Love your blog. Great linen towels and I love them too. I don't find them often in my area unless they are in a shop at retail. Love your display ladder. Great look. When I travel no telling what comes home with me......

    The French Hutch

  11. So charming! I love the linens and love them on that ladder!! Soo pretty! Thanks for linking up to Feathered Nest Friday!

  12. These are the perfect thing to bring home. they're gorgeous, how wonderful to find the embroidered ones. so glad you linked this up to VIF! xo


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