Saturday, October 8, 2011

The Gate…


In our culture people reject the truth that there is One Way, One Door or Gate, to heaven.

They think that those who embrace this truth are narrow minded.

That is about as reasonable as saying I am narrow minded if you asked me the way to the beach from my home in Portland, Oregon and I told you to take Hwy. 26 west.  If that is, indeed, the way to the beach than I am being truthful and honest, not narrow minded to believe that it is the way and to tell you it is the way.  How ludicrous it would be to tell you instead, “if you are just sincere, if you are a good person, whatever way you want to go will get you there.” 

God says there is One Way to Him, One Way to Eternal Life, and that is through believing that His Son Jesus is Who He says He is, believing He came in the flesh, died for our sins and rose again, and receiving what He did personally.  God is kind and good to tell us the truth about The Way, and we also must uncompromisingly, unashamedly tell others this truth.  Jesus is The Way, The Gate, The Door, the Only Way we are saved and given eternal life.

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  1. I LOVE your analogy to the road to the beach. How true! We would rarely doubt or complicate directions for anything else, yet our sinful natures insist on circumventing the directions for salvation. This post is simple and profound, like the gospel it preaches.

  2. Such truth. Why why why are our churches veering away from this truth. I'm going to go to church again tomorrow. I'm afraid, but I'm brave. My experience last Sunday was, difficult.
    I'm willing to go again. I need more people who speak the truth, like you, in my life.

  3. Amen...this is so true!!

    Love your picture.

    Hope you have a blessed Sunday♥

  4. Amen here too! Such a creative picture and perfect verse! Thanks for sharing!

  5. So true. Great analogy, and beautiful photo! love it!

  6. Perfect verse for the photo. Lovely job. :)

  7. True words beautifully illustrated with your picture =)

  8. Agree 100% Thank you for speaking the truth! Love your blog! :)


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