Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Come on in!


My front door is “bare nekked” no more!

After the tragic wreath accident I found this cute little basket at my local grocery store,

plunked some Dollar Tree fall flowers inside, tied it to my door knocker, and called it good!


As my hallway/entryway leads to the living room you’ll see this black shelf with my white ironstone.

I’m still lovin’ it!

088 copy

I love this lavender vanilla candle that my daughter bought me.

(I think it’s from Target.)

Strong, overpowering scents give me a headache…literally.

This is a perfect subtle scent.

089 copy

006 copy

Shells from the shore of P.E.I. fill my little stoneware bowl.

005 copy

This driftwood with hooks was one of my easiest projects and is still one of my favorites.

I wanted an off white hooded cardigan for the fall/winter.

I searched online and at local stores.

I finally found just what I had in mind at Ross…for only $9.99!

It hangs on the driftwood hanger in the entry hall ready to be grabbed as I head out the door.

008 copy

Last week I told you about this easy music leaf garland.

Girl in Pink is where I got the idea.

She soaked hers in coffee, then dried them in a very low oven.

I finally did that to mine.

I love the aged look it gave the leaves.

This hangs on the antique drying rack on the stair landing,

as seen to your left when you first come into my house.

001 copy

003 copy

Hope you all come back for another visit! Smile


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  1. Pretty. I watched Anne of Green Gables today so I'm all about Prince Edward Island.

  2. It looks just beautiful to me. I'm on mission to include more white like that in my decorating. I'm very drawn to it every time I see it. I love what you did to your leaf banner.

    And I agree about heavy scents. I like certain more subtle ones. I'm not usually a vanilla person but I like lavender so that combo would probably be something I like.

  3. Beautiful blog.!! I just made some sheet music leaves last night for my table and wrapped it around my table scape.

  4. Hi Elizabeth!
    Thanks so much for the shout outs about the aged sheet music leaves! Yours turned out so lovely! I think I went a little overboard with them around my house...they are literally everywhere! Haha! And thanks for the sweet compliments on my window and booth space at the shop! I am so glad you got to go do some window shopping! I just love walking through that store and soaking up the inspiration! I was there Friday evening...I wonder if we passed by each other without knowing! I would love to meet you in person one of these days! I sure enjoy your blog. Your photos are beautiful and you have such lovely style!
    Best Wishes and Blessings,

  5. Elizabeth, how come I wasn't surprised to see that beautiful blue door. It's so you. :)

  6. Everything looks so lovely! You have a wonderful eye for beauty, Elizabeth! That driftwood is so pretty in it's simplicity! I may make a small version for my coastal bathroom!

    The autumn leaves are adorable, too!
    Hope you have a cozy evening!

  7. Elizabeth, I found your blog by doing a Google image search for a, "wooden goose". I am now your newest follower. Your blue door is awesome. I'm thinking of painting mine if the Mr. doesn't object too much.




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