Tuesday, May 3, 2011

An easy shelf makeover with Dollar Tree contact paper…

This weekend as I was cleaning and doing chores around the house I thought about how I would like to have a place to have my white stoneware out on display…a hutch, a sideboard, wall mounted shelves or something.

The only trouble is, there is no room for any of those items in my small kitchen and dining room,

neither were any of those things in the budget right now.

Then I remembered a Goodwill find bookshelf that was upstairs in my home office, and fortunately it wasn’t being used to hold anything that couldn’t be moved elsewhere.

I thought of my long, wide entry hall and all of the unused space there, and specifically, the wall space below these framed ink drawings.

The bookshelf is black, and I considered painting it, since I don’t really use black in my décor.

Then another idea came to mind…a way to lighten up the stark, black shelves, and yet leave them black so they went well with the black framed ink drawings…an idea involving Dollar Tree contact paper.

While I originally thought about painting the shelves white or gray, I think leaving them black and adding the simple black and white contact paper in the background made the stoneware “pop” and the whole wall look more put together.  So, while someday I may have a hutch or sideboard, for now I am pretty happy with my two dollar, (for two rolls of contact paper),  fix.












Still following,


I used Kim Klaussen’s “silence” texture on all of the photos in this post.


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  1. You found that contact paper at the Dollar Store? Oh, my!!! I MUST go check every Dollar Store in the metro area until I find something as wonderful! Seriously, I love what you've done - you are SO talented. Your faux 'hutch' is perfect.

  2. I seriously need some of that paper. Haven't seen any around here!
    It looks GREAT! Like a million bucks! :)
    Very pretty, and calming. Black and white is my favorite combo--has been for years and years.

  3. Your shelf looks really great with the contact paper. Makes your stone ware pop. Especially love the ink drawings. Gorgeous!!

  4. So pretty! Love it.
    Thanks so much for your sweet comment over at my place. You have encouraged me today.

  5. Love how you used the contact paper. The dishes look great. I love having my white dishes out too.

    Nice to visit with you.


  6. The whole space looks wonderful. I used to keep most of my dishes behind glass doors, but in the past year or so (I guess since blogging...)I have learned to love bringing them out for better display. I love the look of this.

    And I wish I could do the neat textures.

  7. Love that contact paper, it's so on style this days...love black and white. Terrific your white stoneware, I like that too. Come over and visit my stoneware dishes too.

  8. Beautiful work! Love that paper!

  9. Looks great! Perfect and very pretty solution.


  10. I have the honor of being your "linky neighbor" over at A Beach Cottage, and am so happy I stopped by! You're the second person who's used Dollar Tree Contact Paper that is just amazing looking. The other person mentioned that it was the same pattern as a high end store and showed how you can't tell the difference! Yours looks amazing as well as your stunning photos, xxx tami

  11. So pretty and SUCH a bargain. You have quite an eye.

  12. I can't believe that is from the Dollar Tree, Perfect addition to your shelf & Beautiful Vignette...

  13. I used the same contact paper in my living room to refresh a media cabinet. I even used it as background for some family pictures. Your bookshelf and collectibles look great.

  14. That really is a lovely little makeover and ties the whole area together beautifully. Some Dollar Stores truly have gems to be found amongst all the other stuff. :) Have a wonderful Wednesday! Tammy

  15. just dropping in from abeachcottage linky party. i love what you did with the shelves!
    cheryl x

  16. Really pretty what you'e done here. I love the white stoneware against the blk / wh paper. I love those bowls!

  17. This looks charming! What a lovely entry into your lovely home!


  18. Elizabeth...that is a fabulous entry! I love seeing what women like you can do with 'finds' such as the shelves and that contact paper! It's such a fabulous way to display the white stoneware.

  19. I just found your blog and am your newest follower. This display is beautiful!! Thanks for creating such an inspirational place to visit.

  20. I don't use black in my decor either but I do like what you did. It looks very nice!
    Thanks for sharing....


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