Thursday, October 13, 2011

Friday Favs…Tiny French Tart Pans

004 copy

Smack dab in the middle of one of the busiest weeks in my year

I was invited to meet some blogger friends face to face. 

I just couldn’t say no to a chance to spend some time with these gals.

Yesterday we met and toured an historic estate, had lunch and then went antiquing.

The day was all kinds of lovely.

I have over 150 photos to sort through and edit so it will be a few days before I show and tell!

In the meanwhile, of all the goodies in the huge antique mall, these little cuties are what I brought home…

001 copy

…tiny tart pans from France.

008 copy

They are heavier and sturdier than the newer thin, lightweight ones that bend so easily.

I’m thinking they would look cute in a table setting with little tea lights in them.

Of course, they’d look even better filled with some pastry

and some lemon curd,

or cherries,

or berries,

or chocolate!




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  1. Did you want to offer these up in a giveaway where, I of course, am the winner? Oh mercy me, I love those.

  2. Sounds like a lovely time. I'll take chocolate, please. ;)

  3. It was such a fun day. I'm so glad you could go with us. Your new little tart pans are so sweet. Love how you've filled them up!

  4. It seems as you had a lovely day . These little tart pans are so so charming and I would love them filled with chocolate .
    Have a wonderful weekend !

  5. You are right after me at the farmhouse party at LaurieAnna's. Love those tart pans, especially with France printed on the bottom. Glad your get together was great too.

  6. i actually found a few of these tart pans
    at a local thrift store
    but did not know what they were
    (except pretty)

    so thanks for sharing the info with me
    at fridays unfolded

    sounds like the perfect afternoon that you spent!


  7. Love the tart pans.
    I have a few and love them.

  8. Loving your tart pans, and as I read my mind went to a half dozen ways to use them right off the bat.

    Of course, just offering up a combo of raisins and almonds (a favorite of mine) would be fine with me.

  9. How sweet...and speaking of sweet, fill one with chocolate for me!

  10. Lovely photos of your tart pans and such a pretty subject.

  11. loving your tins and the idea of adding tea lights...YES! i will probably obsess all night about these tins and begin hunting tomorrow!

    come visit anytime.



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