Wednesday, March 2, 2011

The counting…

I just finished reading Ann’s book yesterday.  Beautiful.  One-Thousand-Gifts-by-Ann-Voskamp

Before the book, well over a year ago, I joined Ann along with many others and I began gathering gratitude, counting my blessings, giving thanks, eucharisteo, in this tiny journal made by my daughter


I’ve almost reached my first 1000…


and I will keep counting.


Still following,



my Simple Pleasure this week is Ann’s beautiful book

and the counting…

Project Simple Pleasures2


  1. Oh, Elizabeth this is a wonderful Simple Pleasure. I too have read it (in January) and now I am starting over re-reading it again. This "counting" makes life take on a whole new meaning, you begin looking & naming! Thanks for stopping by - I pray you are finding comfort in HIM!

  2. I am reading this book currently! I just finished chapter two. There is so much to glean from this book, I am savoring every morsel of it. Thank you for introducing this treasure to me. I appreciate your blog more than you will ever know. I have spoken to my Mother and Aunt about this book and we are going to be using it as a bible study/book club! I can't wait. Many Blessings to you! You are one of my 1000. gifts. Paula

  3. I too am reading this book, and also two of my daughters. It is a real gift from the Father to have life opened up this way. We too are counting!

  4. smiles. yes keep is a great habit and keeps the fields fertile...

  5. giving thanks...being thankful feels my heart too. love the booklet your dgt made and love love that paint your picture song.

  6. Just ordered the book through the library. Looks like they don't even have any copies yet, so I'm 19th on the list, but I'm looking forward to reading it. Thanks for sharing.

  7. A lifetime simple pleasure. May you continue to see the pleasures of all God puts before you!

  8. Love the book too! This is a great simple pleasure. Great pics too!

  9. I have been hearing of this book soooo much. I really need to try to get it. And yes counting our blessings is such a wonderful simple pleasure and it is also instructed by our creator. [0=


  10. I have Ann's book, but haven't fully delved yet. However, this is the second post today that I've read that talks about Ann's book. Perhaps it is a sign.

  11. I have not read her book. I am going to purchase it today. I have been reading about it on other blogs . I already know it will be a blessing to me.

  12. I'm getting that book! I'm resolved. I have thought of it repeatedly in the past few months but keep procrastinating.

    And I love the idea of keeping your counting in that homemdade journal.

  13. Elizabeth, I love your framed verse!
    And I love Ann..and her book.
    She is an instrument in the Lord's hands to bring the ode to joy into many lives.
    The easy 'eucharisteo' and the hard ones both make up the lyrics of our heart-song.
    Counting keeps the melody going :-)

  14. Hi Elizabeth,
    It's nice that you use your daughter's special gift to record your blessings in.
    Counting our blessings every day is good.
    God Bless
    Barb from Australia

  15. What a beautiful keepsake treasure, Elizabeth. This book is on my immediate list, thank you for sharing.

  16. Boy, have I seen this book mentioned over the last few days?! I think God is thumping me on the head to go and get it. :-) If there is anything that I need to be doing through these tough days, it is counting my blessings!

  17. What a beautiful book. Sometimes I buy a book, just because the cover speaks to me. It's great to find one when the contents do, as well.


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