Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Each ordinary moment…



“Each ordinary moment is a possible exchange with Jesus…I can be wholehearted right now.  These common moments could be sacred if I would live them with an “I love You” in my heart…these seemingly static seconds of time have hidden doorways in them if I will choose to seek out their invitation.  The secret of the many saints of history, the heroes of the faith, is not that they managed to do only “spiritual” things, but that they learned how to make common things sacred unto the Lord.  They learned that God can be loved continually and can be known always, not just in times set apart for prayer or in lofty spiritual experiences, but in the commonness of life, the everyday moments and even the busy comings and goings.  If we do not find Him there, in the ordinary tasks and circumstances, we will not somehow suddenly find Him in times defined as sacred.”  Entirety by Dana Candler

Desiring to love Him continually, wholeheartedly, in every common day and moment, in every common task.

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  1. That is a beautiful passage and yes, finding Him in the commonplace and making common things sacred--because that is where most of our lives are spent--thank you, Elizabeth, for all your loveliness.

  2. Aman!! God really wants to be in our everyday lifes just as much as our "spiritual" lives. People would be surprised at how much help He can be when we allow Him into everything in our lifes. I'm still learning this very valuable leasson.!! Thanks so much for your blog it's an inspiration to me!!

  3. AWESOME!!!

    Sometimes, I just don't need to add words. (I know, it surprises me too...)

    I'm sharing this with my SS class on Sunday.

  4. After seeing you quote her so often, I'm thinking I must read Dana Chandler soon! Beautiful words; thanks for sharing them.

  5. Elizabeth, this is just a beautiful thought. Very encouraging to me. I look forward to watching your blog, and so glad that I've found it, for some encouragement into the life that really is the most important. Your Sister! Karen

  6. Breathtaking Beautiful!!! Thanks for sharing!!! What a joy it is allowing God to mold and shape us into the vessel He ordained us to be for Him!!!! May we continue to "Keep our Eyes on Jesus" and experience How Big and "The Fullness of our God!!"

    My heart smiles!!! Sharon

  7. I’m here from Ann’s again – It’s Sunday now and I’m really late to your Wednesday post – but first I wanted to read all the thank you posts – then started yesterday reading the Walk with him Wednesday posts – and so I just got to yours today. Sorry I’m late. (◠‿◠)

    We are both, actually many of us – and a cloud of witnesses – “Desiring to love Him continually, wholeheartedly, in every common day” – amen.

    Thank you for this today.

    God Bless and keep you and all of yours


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