Sunday, December 5, 2010

Guard your heart with gratitude…

The tenth commandment is “thou shalt not covet...”  One theologian believes covetousness is the root of all other sin.  I heard a  famous counselor state that God gave this commandment, because He wanted our focus to be one of gratitude for what we do have, not discontent or covetousness for what we don’t have.  It seems to me that especially at this time of year  it is all too easy to forget gratitude and fall into the coveting trap.  All around us we see and hear the message that our Christmas just won’t be complete, won’t be the perfect Christmas, without some new gadget or gift that is this year’s “must have”.  The message of all of those television Christmas movies is that no Christmas is complete without that “special someone”.  And while I really enjoy decorating my home for the holidays and I like to see how others in the blogosphere decorate theirs,  that too can feed a spirit of ingratitude for what I have, and covetousness for what I perceive as “bigger and/or better”.  From possessions to relationships, Christmas seems to be a prime time for coveting if we aren’t careful.   This Christmas season and always, I am asking God to help me guard my heart with gratitude.


my continuing gratitude list #778-791

-my wonderful, (but not Christmas movie perfect), family


-my cozy, little, (but not décor magazine perfect), house


-my simple, mostly homemade, (not blog perfect), Christmas décor



-experiencing an gorgeous sunset and a beautiful “bluehour” sky from the plane


-making our connecting flight with just minutes to spare


-coming home


-my sister and brother in law


-and the rest of my family


-Father God’s overwhelming love


-the Hubs and I getting our tree together




-annual ladies’ Christmas dinner


-that Jesus came and is coming again!


-God’s provision


-my oldest daughter and youngest granddaughter coming with me to see Mama



Gratefully yours~


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  1. Well said, my friend! I have thought much the same. Love your decorations - they reflect the beauty of your heart. The photo of your mama and your little granddaughter touched my heart - such sweetness between them. And I prayed for your mama. And you.

  2. I LOVE the photo of your mom and granddaughter. How blessed you are to have them in your life! Thank you for your gratitude lists, and for sharing from your heart. You are an encouragement.

    Have a blessed and beautiful CHRISTmas!

  3. I love your beautiful, simple Christmas decorations and your lovely tree! And what a GREAT moment captured of your mom and daughter. What a lovely list. Giving thanks with you!


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