Wednesday, July 7, 2010

Lamp transformation…

I did it!  Me, the clutziest painter ever got my courage up and just went for it.  Using Krylon Satin Nickel spray paint, and some new white lampshades, (only $2.99 apiece at Ross!), I changed these all too formal looking lamps…
   into something much more compatible with my new “cottage-y” style decor.


Tomorrow I’ll show you what I did when I decided to say “bye-bye” to those all too formal looking end tables!
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  1. Your lamps turned out very cute. They don't even look like the same lamps.Great transformation!

  2. Love the Satin Nickel! Thinking, thinking...there has to be something around here that needs to be painted with that!

  3. I LOVE redoing furniture and old furnishings. Don't have the time anymore to do it, but used to purchase old picture frames at thrift stores, and paint and antique them, then insert mirrors into them, and paint little 'table' finds. Result - hall rectangular mirrors (upright) over small tables, painted and antiqued to match current decor, for very little money. Your lamps are wonderful!

  4. I love all the bargains you seem to find!! You did a great job on the lamps, can't wait to see the tables!!

    Love and blessings


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