Thursday, July 8, 2010

I simply remember my favorite things…Friday’s Favs…I’m lovin’ some living room changes

A couple of weeks ago I blogged about my new wood floors, my new beachy gray colored walls, and my new clearance priced $26 trunk from Ross that replaced the all too formal coffee table, which was a set with the end tables you see in this photo…
I never did love those tables, you know?  (I went through a season of doubting my own homey informal tastes, which I would say is country/beach cottage/farmhouse.  I ended up with all too much of what I call department store decor.)  So, I decided to put the set of tables for sell on Craigslist and try something different.  The blue leather sofa and chair were an investment, are really comfy, and leather is very easy to keep clean with grandbabies around, so they are staying.  The lamps got a paint job and new shades, which you can read about in yesterday’s blog.  I have an antique library table that’s a family heirloom so that is staying as well.  I found one end table at TJ Maxx that had a much more cottage-y informal feel, and was a GREAT price, so I snatched it up.  Then I took a little blue dresser that has been around my house forever and ever, and oldest granddaughter and I took it out on the back deck one summer evening, and sanded away until it looks, as she said, “like it has been in a ship wreck”.

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I feel like things are coming together, and I’m lovin’ it!

Happy Friday Everyone!



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  1. Your room looks great! I love the driftwood with candles and starfish vignette.

  2. Hello -- I started 'Following' you recently and am back now for a visit! I love your 'shipwrecked' blue dresser, it really looks great. The whole room looks very nice. Thanks for sharing.
    Best regards,

  3. shipwrecked! how funny! the new pieces really add something special to your room--great job!

  4. Lovely, cozy, warm room!!
    I love the difference that the paint and shades made for the lamps!
    Barrel shades really update those old brass lamps, don't they--i just got an old brass lamp yesterday for $5 at my favorite Thrift store--I had been pondering a color-after seeing yous, I think silver/nickel!
    Thanks for the inspiration!
    P.S. The dresser looks perfectly wrecked ;)

  5. Wow, it looks wonderful!! You have done a fabulous job. I love the chest you sanded. It all looks perfect!!

    Have a great weekend

  6. Love, love, love every single thing you've done! Would you bring your granddaughter and some sand paper - I have things to sand! You've done such a nice job with your new look.


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