Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Easter preparation...

holy experience

I prepare for Easter...

by remembering the promises that are mine because of His death...

sins forgiven
eternal life
curses broken
sickness healed

by remembering the promises that are mine because of His resurrection...

authority over the enemy
overcoming power
His Spirit in me

by remembering the promise of His return...

I will be with Him
I will see Him make wrong things right once and for all
I will receive my inheritance
I will cast all of my rewards at His feet
I will worship Him with all believers from history
past, present, future
I will see Him crowned Ruler of All
I will see every knee bow before Him
I will be at His side as He reigns forever and ever
I will be His Bride

Longing for that day,


  1. Absolutely beautiful!!! I love this post!! I just read another friend's word-filled Wednesday and her scripture reference was Ps. 63:4...I praise God right now in agreement with all things you've written here...your last blog discussed spring cleaning...yes, I've begun and I put daffodils in a spot that was recently cleaned up...last night a friend could smell them from clear across the house and went to look for them! Now when I look at them, I will think of the promises that are mine bc of His beautiful, thank you!!!

  2. What a beautiful post, Elizabeth! Thank you for sharing all of the things that are ours because of Jesus!

  3. Beautiful pictures; beautiful words; beautiful promises. I love all that you put together here. Thanks for sharing; just what I needed!


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