Thursday, March 25, 2010

Dayspring journal giveaway! My first giveaway ever!

I saw these cute Dayspring journals yesterday and decided to buy two of them and have my first blog giveaway ever!

 Here's how you can win one.  First, if you are one of my followers, simply leave a blog comment telling me which journal you would choose if you won, where your favorite quiet place to journal is, and what you like to journal about. If you aren't a follower, I'd love to have you follow and join the fun.  Then, on your blog, tell about the giveaway and link back to this blog post.  Tell your blog followers and friends that if they want to participate in the giveaway to be sure to comment that they heard about the giveaway on your blog.  If one of the people you sent over here wins, you win too!  So, that makes two chances for you to win!  Next Thursday, April 1st, I will announce the winner...
but I promise, this is not a April Fool's joke!

Hope YOU win!


  1. Can I still win if I'm related? LOL I like the grayish one with the white flowers. So cute!

    I like to journal my prayers from the comfort of my giant couch with a giant mug of something warm in one hand and a pen in the other. ahhh...sweet peaceful journal time!

  2. What a fun and sweet idea. I like the blue one. I journal about everything! I keep my sermon notes, bible studies, devotion times and my letters to God all in one journal. I like to be able to look through when I fill one up and see how much each things is woven together. Then I have a special journal for worship time that I keep my God given songs and what he speaks to me in and through worship.

  3. Today's Easter blog is so centered on Him, who Easter is all about. FOCUS. Thank you! Susan

  4. What a great post...Love journaling...always have....I love the blue one....So glad to find your blog...Stop by and see the giveaways I have this week...

  5. Yay! I love journaling. I like having something I can go back to and read of where I was and see where I am. I like the one with the big white flower.

  6. ohhh I love the gray one on the far right :)

    My favorite quiet place to journal is on my green couch in from of my front window or in my big white over stuffed chair in my room :) I just mostly talk to God through my journal... I write down my thankfulness, and my worry's... I use it when I'm at the piano to write chords down, and I write my notes from Sunday in it...

    Every girl's got to have a journal!

    Great idea Pastor Elizabeth!

  7. Yeah is family disqualifyied? I like the grey one too! Just like my sister Jenn.
    I love to journal anywhere! I carry my journal in my purse in case the Lord speaks to me during the day. My all time favorite place is sitting on my bed with a cup of tea or coffee. Those are the best times with the Lord

  8. First...let me say how much I like your blog. I also love your kitchen stuff.
    I really like the journal with the gray background with the flowers on it. Great inspiration for a card. I journal when I am at church, at Sunday school, at home at my table in the morning when I do my daily Bible study.

  9. I don't have a blog and am not sure how to be a follower - but I enjoy your blog very much from over here in New Zealand! Am I allowed to enter? :)

    I love the grey one - my favourite place to spend time with the Lord is in the early still on the morning, cup of tea at hand, bible, journal and pen on my knee. I love to read the Word and journal about my observations of the Lord - His attributes, character, and attitudes for me to follow, the Lord's people, application to my life, challenges to my own heart and whatever else strikes me in the passage that day. Thanks!

  10. Hope you click back here Mrs M cuz I have no way to contact you...glad to have you in the giveaway! You can sign up on my sidebar to get my blog via email if you like. Just make sure I have a way to contact you if you win!

  11. Thank you!! I'll be back... ;)

  12. I like the grey journal the best. My favorite place to journal is anywhere near a window or out side if the weather cooperates. I love to be near God's creations it testifies of Himself and makes me feel like I can spend as long as I want with God. the outdoors also gives me a sense of true peace and a place to breath the worries of this life out before my God who knows them all. I love to journal about anything in God's word that is contrary to my human nature. things that renew my mind and change me more in to the image of God. I also love to journal my worries and frustrations out and give them to God. He grants me His peace in the things I give to Him and ask Him to have peace about.
    Well Thanks so much!
    Love you!


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