Thursday, March 25, 2010

I simply remember my favorite things...Friday favs...Kitchen Love...

The kitchen of my dreams looks something like this
Oh the beautiful white beadboard cabinets,
oh the butcher block countertops, oh the space... 

The kitchen of my reality looks like this...

Isn't it cramped and small cute and space efficient!
While this may not be the kitchen of my dreams, some mighty tasty meals have been cooked up in it's spacious 20 something square feet, and some happy memories have been created.
So in the spirit of giving thanks in all things...

I'm loving that my wee little kitchen has a pantry for storage with...

 a wall of shiny cookware, carefully selected from sales at
William Sonoma, Kitchen Kaboodle and Macy's
and saved for or begged for as birthday/Christmas gifts. 
Good cookware does make a difference.
I'm also lovin' that my son-in-law built
the pot rack on the wall for me.
This has been the best space saver ever!

I'm loving my antique red-handled kitchen tools garland
hanging above my pots and pans. 
 No one sees them unless my pantry is open,
but they make me happy!

I'm lovin' my red dutch oven. 
 I will miss it the as summer approaches and
we will be grilling more than we will be stewing and roasting. 

I'm lovin' my red and white woven towels
 from William Sonoma and Kitchen Kaboodle. 
I received my first set as a gift, and loved them so much that
I found a clearance and stocked up. 
 So much better than any other kitchen towels I've used in the past!

But most of all, I'm lovin' the memories created here...

Lots of love,


  1. Yep, it's all in our perspective! It looks warm and cozy to me and your adorable grandchildren just add to the love!

  2. I love your kitchen, it looks very cozy. I have the same dutch oven and in fact it's one of the things "I'm Lovin'" today =] I'm #49

  3. So happy for your wonderful memories. Love you, Susan

  4. I'm getting ready to build a pot rack and so happy to find yours when I did a google image search. Just what I'm looking for. Cute home and kitchen! I have to remind myself that if my kitchen is actually clean, it *can* look like a magazine kitchen. I'm re-painting mine in all 50s style and colors, sewing curtians and building moulding and pot racks today. :)


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