Friday, February 5, 2010

I simply remember my favorite things...Friday's favs

I thought I would share with you my favorite blogs today.  First of all, of course, are the blogs written by those I daughters.  I love the peek into their hearts that sometimes comes more readily to computer screen than face to face.  But today I set aside my prejudice and love for blogs of those I know personally.  I will share my favorites of those I wish I knew...

Ann's blog, Holy Experience
Ann is a deep well, thought provoking, challenging

Tomato Soup Cake
The first time I read this blog, I just had to email the author personally.  If we lived near each other, I am sure we would be friends. 

Flower Patch Farmgirl
She just makes my heart happy.  A young mama with a quirky sense of style and her.

a beach cottage
A blogger who left England with her family and bought a run down cottage on the coast of Australia.  This blog is my idea of decorating heaven.

Getting Down with Jesus
Love the author's heart...

Lisa Notes...
Love her too!

So, while there are many more blogs I enjoy I would say these are my most favorite.  Check them out! Comment back to me what your favorites are...

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  1. It's always so fun to discover new people online. I'm much more motivated to click through and visit when a blogger comes with an enthusiastic personal recommendation.

    I know Ann of Holy Experience and Getting Down with Jesus. Now I'm off to get to know the others--thanks for introducing them to us.

    And I'm glad to meet you, too, for the first time through HighCallingBlogs!


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