Thursday, February 4, 2010

Blogger's Block...

A rare evening's rainy out.  But inside, hubby has built a cozy fire.  He sits on the couch reading.  I sit on the floor by the fireplace with my computer waiting for inspiration to hit.  I gotta tell ya...I got nothin'.  So instead, why don't you just join me...

Ok, so this first photo is a bit blurry...I either wiggled or the camera is on the wrong setting...again.


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  2. Your fire is so relaxing - I can almost feel it! If my sweetheart were home from work I think we would have one tonight. I love the bits and pieces from the sea on your mantel. Reading this post and your last one I'm thinking I should plan a drive to Lincoln City for rest, relaxation, reflection and time with my Father. And with a dear friend who has just begun to heal from nearly dying - a real miracle. You've inspired me to go soon.


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