Monday, February 8, 2010

Jesus and me and the sea...

holy experience

The God who made me, who wrote a journal about every day of my life before I was even born, (Psalm 139:16), knows of my affinity for the sea.  So, surely He knows I'm really not much of a mansion type gal...and that place He has gone to prepare for me, surely He knows I would much prefer a simple cottage by the sea.  Yes, I'm quite sure He does know, for often that is where He meets me now, there by the sea...I look out at that endless expanse of blue, gray waves and the fact that He made and controls the wind and the waves reassures me that there is absolutely nothing in my life beyond His control.  And I am overwhelmed, that this great God, creator of all things, knows the number of every hair on my head, has thoughts about me that number more than the grains of sand on the very beach I walked today, and loves me with the whole of His great heart.  I walk, look out at the beauty, talk to the One Who created it, created me, and His peace, His presence rolls over me like the waves.

Thank you God...
251) ...our regional minister's meeting is being held at my favorite the sea.  Thank You for ministering to my heart as I walked and talked with You today.

252) ...friends who let us use their beautiful timeshare condo here instead of having to stay in a small hotel room

253)...kind and encouraging blog comments

254)...snuggling up in bed on a rainy night under a cozy quilt reading a good book

255)...being awakened by the sun coming through our window the next morning

256)...watching how a dollar to spend at Dollar Tree makes my grandson head over heels happy
and how he so carefully weighs his decision about what to buy

257)...hearing my grown daughters talk about childhood memories

258)...buds and blooms and impromptu flower arrangements

259) evening at home by the fire with hubby

260) God's peace and presence

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  1. So many little things we take advantage of . . . it's neat to count them as our blessings! Beautiful pictures.


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