Saturday, November 21, 2009

When the cat's away...

Hubby's out of town for a couple of days, so...
...yesterday I had my devotions and my morning coffee in bed with everything all spread out on his side of  the bed, and I left it that way, all day, all night, ready for a repeat this morning!
...I had lunch with a lady from our church's north location, and got to know a sister in the Lord better!
...went to the dollar store and found rolls and rolls of white satin ribbon, which is so much nicer on Christmas gifts than stick on bows
...finished my Jesse's branch project
...tried to make a Christmas wreath made of ornaments from an idea on a blog and discovered I need three times the amount of ornaments than what I bought...I need to go back to the dollar store
...went and checked on my mom and did some errands for her
...ate cereal for dinner
...put my pjs on incredibly early
...remembered I hadn't exercised yet, so went on the elliptical in my pjs
...watched a girl movie while catching up  on my blog reading, all while in bed
BUT, Hubby's out of town for a couple days so...
...I'm very lonesome
...He's not here to make the coffee and bring me my first cup, like usual
...He's not here to talk to, to be with
I wish he was home.

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