Friday, November 20, 2009

All ready!

All done and ready for December 1st!  This is the Jesse's Branch idea that I talked about in yesterday's blog.  I'm not sure if this is where it will sit once December starts, or if I will embellish it with anything besides the little name tags.  Twenty-five tags, each with one name of Jesus with the reference on the flip side of the tag, wait to be put on the branch, one each day up through Christmas. (When I say names, I mean titles such as The Door, Bread of Heaven, Bridegroom, King of Kings...) I entitled a little spiral bound pack of index cards "Jesus...Name Above All Names" and then printed inside the scriptures and references found on the tags.  There are certainly more than 25 titles for Jesus in the Bible, so I am going to continue to work on memorizing scriptures about His titles even after I'm done with the first 25.  This will also help in my pursuit of filling my mind and heart with more knowledge of Him and passion for Who He is.

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