Monday, November 23, 2009

"Leaven from Heaven"

holy experience

It all started with Ann's blog.  I started my gratitude list  in my special little thanks journal, (decorated by my crafty oldest daughter!), and joined the whole gratitude community in the blogosphere. 

Then friends read my blog and some of them started too. But that was just the beginning.  I got the idea to invite our church  family to join in by having 30 days of Thanksgiving for the whole month of November.  Each day of this month, the members of Truelife Church have been posting something that they are grateful for that day as their Facebook status.  It has been fun to watch people "catch" the attitude of gratitude, as not only the members of Truelife have caught it, but friends of friends caught it and joined in and used Facebook to count their blessings.  God's Word says a little leaven leavens the whole lump...that can be a negative or a positive thing, depending on what leavening agent you are using.  Thanks Ann for "leaven from heaven".  Gratitude. Thanksgiving. Praise.  It's a powerful thing.

131) Five year old grandson toting his dad's old college bookbag to church, filled with Bible, notepad, pencils
132) The "trees of the field clapping their hands" right outside the window in my upstairs home office
133) A taste of summer in November-homemade freezer jam on top of whole wheat waffles-Yum!
134) Six year old grandaughter grinning from ear to ear as she beats Papa at Uno and finds the word "foofoo", (a food she ate in Ghana), when she was playing Boggle
135) A phone call from my oldest brother, just to check in and tell me he loves me
136) Rolls and rolls of white satin ribbon found at the dollar store, soon to be used to pretty up the packages under the tree
137) Fun little home "crafty" projects
138) Pre-holiday deep cleaning all done-YaY!
139) Giving out Thanksgiving baskets to people in need
140) Wonderful worship and a challenging life-changing message at church

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  1. I feel better just by reading your list. :-) What a great idea to have the church family give thanksgiving status updates on FB. I wonder if I can remember to suggest that at my church by next year...


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