Monday, January 17, 2022

Weekly Gratitude Journal

Let’s begin at the beginning. On December 15th we got our puppy, who is a very good dog, but gets terribly anxious and motion sick in the car and anxious about being left alone at home in her crate for very long. Then on Dec. 29th my husband and I began a long bout of tag team flu that still has us dragging. Underneath all of that has been latent heaviness in our hearts over the upheaval in our family with the cross country move of two of our daughters and their families. Let’s just say we’ve both been sad, sick and housebound! 

Last Friday, (the first chance the two of us have had for a normal day off in way too long), my husband had a friend watch our puppy and we drove to the beach. I'm very thankful that my husband always knows when I need some sea therapy! Our expectations about the weather being decent in mid-January on the Oregon coast were low, but we thought at least the drive would do us good and a bowl of clam chowder for lunch sounded good, too. I felt as if God smiled on us! When we arrived the weather was sunny and mild with no wind! After lunch I was able to take a walk by the sea. I found myself asking God for a confirmation that He loves and sees me by having me find a piece of sea glass. I've lived near the Oregon coast my whole life and have only found three pieces in all these years. Just moments later I saw something buried in the sand. 

When I picked up this heart shaped piece of seagrass of palest blue I knew God was telling me, “I love you. I see you.” So many significant encounters and deep heart talks with God that have happened in my life have been by the sea but to have such an obvious personal physical reminder of God's love and care for me was mind-blowing. I am so very, very thankful.

Since 2009 I've been counting my blessings thanks to the prompting of Ann Voskamp.
 I continue to count my thanks, 
piling up gratitude day by day in my journal.
(and capturing some of my blessings via my camera or iPhone)

-a new year!
-my grandson tell me, "I love it when you sing, Nana. I love you!"
-God confirming my word of the year to me

-all of the help to make church happen when my husband was sick
-lunch with friends
-naps for everyone at our house
-a movie, snacks, laughter and giggles before bed with the grands

-my husband is on the mend
-praying with a young mom
-our daughter and son-in-law safely completed their drive to Florida
-our brave grandson facing his fear about the hair clippers at the barber's

-a fun morning making homemade play dough with the grands
-prayers for us as we go through the sadness of our kids' move
-oldest granddaughter is here for a week's visit!

-a safe flight for our grands and their other grandparents to meet our youngest daughter and our son-in-law at their new home in Florida
-laying in bed watching "When Calls the Heart" with my oldest granddaughter
-a good report about tonight's meeting at church

-making homemade bread and spaghetti and meatballs with my granddaugher and her friend
-adjusting to life with a dog
-a FaceTime call with our grands to show us their new house in Florida

-my husband tidying the house for me so I can rest 
-my sinus and chest congestion breaking up
-Papa taking our granddaughter out for breakfast
-the sound of our granddaughter and her friends playing games and laughing

-a day in bed watching movies with my granddaughter because we both have colds
-encouraging texts from a friend
-relistening to sermons

-good worship and word 
-my grandson trying to hug and kiss me via FaceTime
-feasting on take out chinese food

-God's care and provision for us
-going over my notes and remembering what God has spoken to us this past year
-God's Word

-our granddaughter got safely back to K.C.
-our home
-appliances to wash and dry our clothes

-God speaking clearly to me from John 14:27 (the Message Bible)
-finally getting out for a few hours after being cooped up with sickness and bad weather
-God's love and delight in me even in my weakness

-God ministering to me through His Word and communion
-finally writing a blog post
-easy but yummy potsticker soup for dinner

-my husband getting a friend to watch our dog so we could go to the beach for the day
-a beautiful sunny, mild, wind-free day!
-a piece of palest blue, heart shaped sea glass

-God's presence with me as I clean and do chores
-a freshly bathed puppy
-sugar free vanilla pudding eaten warm-comfort food!

-being able to gather online when sick
-a unexpected lunch with old friends
-God's patient reminders of His love for me
-my husband's love and care for me

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  1. I enjoyed reading your gratitude list, Elizabeth. I think I told you my son has a labordoodle. He is precious but like your new puppy he has anxiety issues. He doesn't get car sick but he rides backwards in the car. There are many other oddities about him. Hahaha! My granddaughter says he is special needs.
    Hope you are really on the mend. I know you must miss your families terribly.

    1. I sure do miss them! I think our dog is special needs too- I’m told it’s the poodle in all the doodle breeds.

  2. What a sweet story . . . the Lord's timing is always perfect and sometimes He answers prayer instantly and other prayers go on for years and years, unless I'm hanging on to repeated prayers that the answer was no to. He does know best.
    That sea glass is so special, something to carry with you as a reminder of His mercy and love.

  3. I love the way the Lord shows His love! The sea glass is special and will always remind you that the Lord cares - no matter what! As I write this I am sitting in our cabin-on-wheels, overlooking the sea and the beach below. Our last day here and I don't want to leave but God has blessed us to live close enough to return. My little long-haired Doxie has his own issues but he loves riding in the car. Wouldn't it be 'interesting' to hear our dogs views of us?

    1. I think e both share a love for the sea, my friend!


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