Wednesday, January 9, 2019

An adventure walk with my buddy...

My husband and I raised three beautiful daughters. We both loved having all girls and wouldn't change that for the world. We now have an even three granddaughters and three grandsons, but the tie will be broken any time now with the birth of our seventh, and more than likely last, grandchild-another sweet baby girl. We love both our grandgirlies and grandsons to the moon! They are each one our favorite!

However, having grandsons has been like a whole new world to me.  When our first grandson, now age fourteen, was born, watching him develop was so fascinating to me! How do little boys instinctively know how to make the car sound while they roll a little toy car on the floor before they even know how to walk? Why does any random stick have to be picked up and become some sort of imaginary weapon? 

I love to walk, so going on walks has been something I've done with all of my grandchildren. With grandkids, especially with my grandsons and one of my more nature loving granddaughters, a simple walk around the neighborhood becomes an adventure. My oldest grandson is way past the age where going on walks with his nana is cool. But, his four year old little brother still does! (And, so does our youngest grandson. At nineteen months, he associates me with walks and runs into his room, grabs his coat and shoes, and climbs into his stroller whenever he sees me!) My little buddy, in the photo above, and his family were out of state for three weeks over the holidays. When they got back, he came over to our house, and we went on an adventure walk around the neighborhood and stopped at our neighborhood park.

I love walks with the grandkids. I think it helps me to see things with new eyes and that it also helps keep me young!

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  1. I love walking as well. How exciting to have so many grandchildren. I have two.

  2. How fun! I love that first photo of your grandson...he's obviously enjoying the walk! As always, your photos are beautiful, capturing wonderful details.

  3. Oh, the love of grandbabies. Love the photo of the grandson, and always those you share of your walks. Great photos you found along the way.


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