Saturday, May 13, 2017

When Mother's Day is hard...

HAPPY MOTHER'S DAY to all of you mamas out there!  My prayer for every woman who reads this post, whether you are a mother or not, is that you will be blessed today.  Let's face it, Mother's Day isn't a wonderful day for everyone.  For some of you, it's just plain hard.

Maybe you're one of the lucky ones whose husband and children will be serving you breakfast in bed and showering you with flowers and construction paper cards with crayoned love messages. The kitchen may be a mess when they get done and your toast may be a bit burned, but enjoy their perfectly imperfect efforts to make you feel loved.  Be blessed young mama, right there in the middle of your messy, busy life.

Maybe your nest is empty now.  You fondly remember those Mother's Day breakfasts in bed and the resulting crumb filled sheets. Sometimes you miss those days when you knew that your children needed you.  You miss the instant gratification of their appreciation shown in little arms flung around your neck and dandelion bouquets delivered lovingly by grubby little hands. Sure, there are some wonderful benefits to having your children grown and out of the house.  Your years of exhausting, hands on, twenty four hours a day parenting are over.  You should be rejoicing in your freedom, and most days you do.  But other days, you miss having your little ones gathered round your dinner table.  God bless you, this Mother's Day.  May your grown children rise up and call you blessed, but even if they don't, may you know the blessing and favor and overwhelming love of God.

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  1. Yes. Mother's Day is, at best, a mixed bag. So many emotions are wrapped up in it...our wishes our memories our plans for the day. Praying that all will find a little peace and joy today.


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