Wednesday, October 12, 2016

His-story in our scars...

When my oldest daughter didn't want the old dresser anymore I thought, what do I have to lose? It's free and I need something in the spare room to house some extra blankets.  It was pretty beat up, not only with dings and scratches, but with dye from some wet, red tissue paper that had bled onto the surface and some ink from a permanent marker used by some unnamed guilty grandchild.

When I got the dresser home, I went over it with my electric sander, taking off the old finish and the layer of the surface with the dye and ink.  Because the piece is an antique, I chose not to sand so deep that all of the dings and nicks would be removed.  I wanted the history of the dresser to shine through it's makeover.

This morning during my morning quiet time I was reminded that after Jesus rose from the dead, His scars still showed even in His resurrected body.  Doubting Thomas had his doubts quelled when the Lord had him touch His scars.  I'm not sure if this is a proof text for what I am about to say, but perhaps we too will have some of our scars throughout eternity.  Perhaps, the God who cleanses us from every stain of sin, allows us to retain some of the scars of the sins we've committed and the sins committed against us, some of the scars from our life's adversities,  as an eternal reminder of the history we've walked through with Him and the grace that has sustained us through it all.

When my youngest daughter saw a photo of the old dresser that I posted on Instagram in its newly refinished state, she was suddenly interested in having the dresser. Before it's makeover she had shown no interest in the dresser when her sister had offered it to whoever would take it.  I told her that I was keeping it because I was now emotionally attached to it, scars and all.  Similarly,  Jesus who has saved me, cleansed me, delivered me, and healed my deepest inner wounds, is eternally emotionally attached to me, scars and all.  Each one tells a story, not just of how they came to be, but of how He faithfully, graciously, mercifully healed me and used every single part of my history, even the most painful parts, for good in my life and for His glory.  To me, a little evidence of the history that a piece of furniture has been through, makes it all the more lovely.  Maybe God thinks the same thing about me.  Perhaps His-story in my life is best seen in my scars.

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  1. I could hardly read this because of the tears clouding my vision. Divine timing & words that spoke straight to my scars. ❤️

  2. Oh, this is beautiful, Elizabeth! God love us all the more because of our dings and knicks and stains.

    1. Thank you so much for coming by and taking time to comment!

  3. It IS simply beautiful! And what a great analogy...

  4. ah, this is touching my heart today. "a little evidence of the history that a piece of furniture has been through, makes it all the more lovely. Maybe God thinks the same thing about me. Perhaps His-story in my life is best seen in my scars." The fall, my favorite season is a season of loss for me in my story....and I am more aware of the scars of multiple losses...I know this is true and I love how you have put it here. Thank you.

  5. Beautiful words (and dresser!).

  6. You're right to keep it, Elizabeth and be reminded of the sacred message each time you enter that room. What a lovely piece!

  7. What a beautiful lesson! Thank you for sharing! I love how God uses the seemingly useless to show us value!!!


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