Friday, October 10, 2014

Galatians 6:2...

Just a few minutes after I snapped this photo,
youngest granddaughter dropped and split her pumpkin open
 because she didn't want Papa's help to carry her "burden".
When it comes to our burdens, I think we can have one of two issues as believers, 
and maybe even both at the same time.
We can be too proud to admit we need the help of our brothers and sisters in Christ.
Maybe we're even too proud to ask for help from our Papa God!
We can also be too preoccupied with our own busyness or our own burdens
 to help someone else with their burdens.
The story for my youngest granddaughter ended well 
because all she had to do was choose a different pumpkin.
Unfortunately, when we choose to try to handle life without the help of God or others,
the results can be a lot more disastrous than a dropped pumpkin.

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  1. Oh...what a lovely lesson via a lovely sweet story! Thank you.

  2. A good lesson and delightful photo.

  3. Yes! Something I'm learning in new ways at my stage of life.......Sweet photo, Elizabeth.

  4. Good word, Elizabeth. That photo tells the story.

  5. Your husbands gentleness is evident. I love the things God speaks over our hearts in our everyday lives. This truth is a struggle for me too often. Thanks for the reminder.

  6. Beautiful object lesson, Elizabeth.

  7. Such a precious photo. And a good lesson for me to remember that I am not meant to carry my burdens alone.

  8. I love the photo and the application, Elizabeth. Thanks for the winsome reminder.

  9. I am so glad I popped in here today from The Weekend Brew. Your message is almost like mine on release. God poured into our hearts in a similar way and told us that we needed to share the reminder that He will willingly carry our burdens if we only ask. Sunday blessings!

  10. It's so easy to buy into the world's "boot-strap" mentality, isn't it Elizabeth. I think a lot of it comes from misconceptions about God's true nature. And then, of course, there is that ugly creature, Pride. Great post! PS glad your granddaughter was able to pick another pumpkin. She's a cutie!

  11. Wonderful lesson for us all to learn. A precious photo. The thing that hit me is helping to carry our load is the Father's delight. Thank you for sharing this.


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