Wednesday, September 24, 2014

The pursuit...

How do I describe this God Who causes me to thirst for more of Him,
yet quenches me with Living Water that never runs dry?
How do I explain the hunger for more of Him,
even while I am feasting on the Bread of Life?
How can it be that it takes His love flowing to me, through me,
for me to even respond to Him with any sort of equally yoked kind of love?
Which came first, His pursuit of me, or mine of Him?
Surely, He sought me out first.
From the beginning,
from before the beginning,
before the foundations of the earth,
He had a plan to win me for His own.
It's a Divine Romance,
a dance above all other dances.
He pursues relentlessly,
me, too often, half-heartedly.
He mercifully, graciously, in kindness, in love,
let's me find out for myself,
that nothing else,
no one else,
loves me,
satisfies me,
like He does.
Then He whispers and He woos and He draws me close,
and I eat and I drink of Him,
of His love,
His mercy,
His grace,
His kindness,
and I wonder at this wandering heart of mine.
This passionless pursuit of mine is only kindled into white-hot, all-consuming love
when He, Himself, blows on the flame. 
It makes no sense, no sense at all,
that my weak attempts at love have captivated His great heart.
It makes no sense at all,
how He loves me.
But this I know,
I am His,
and He is mine,

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  1. Amen! We are so blessed to have such a loving God. I am humbled & brought to tears when I think of Jesus & the love that God showed us.

    1. Me too, Krista! God's love is overwhelming and undeserved!

  2. Amen! We are so blessed to have such a loving God. I am humbled & brought to tears when I think of Jesus & how God showed us His infinite love.

  3. Beautiful...and yes, only His great love fully satisfies! (p.s. you are back in my gmail, yay!)

    1. YaY! I had to unload and reload feedburner. Suddenly my stats increased like crazy so all the email readers must be back!

  4. The reality of His pursuit of our very feeble heart stirs a fire in me that is unquenchable. I love the flow of your words, it fits your picture, just like the water rolling off the leave, slowly yet smoothly, your words filter into a sweet offering of grace and wisdom. Just makes me smile.
    Bless you!

    1. Thank you, Dawn. Your comment blessed and encouraged me.

  5. Stunning, my friend. And your photography--is a form a pure worship.

  6. Beautiful post, dear friend. There is absolutely no satisfaction with Him!

  7. I think that's my favorite of your writings--so deep, so powerful, so moving, so loving, so full of passion for this half-hearted pursuing of my own--this makes me love you more dear friend--

  8. Beautiful...Perhaps it shouldn't surprise us that the Spirit moved in both our hearts to write on this! Blessings...

  9. Simply beautiful, Elizabeth! ~Heather @ My Overflowing Cup

  10. Beautiful! And your photo pairs perfectly!

  11. It does my soul well to hear of your love story.

  12. Love the Psalm-like quality of this. And David as a warrior knew about pursuing things. He also knew about surrender.

    Thank you so much for participating in this High Calling linkup. Your contribution and voice is important.

    David Rupert
    Community editor
    The High Calling


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