Wednesday, July 9, 2014

Summer Twenty Fourteen...

It seems as though any and all profound words I may have written here have leaked out of my mind, like water through a sieve.  I blame it on summer.  It insists on racing on by and I'm in a tug-o-war holding on to it with all my might, refusing to let the summer race on without me savoring the sweet nectar out of each warm, sunny day.

Just how many summers do you get in a lifetime?  Only one exactly like this one.  Only one where sunny day follows one after another without northwest Oregon's usual rainy interruptions.  Only one where it seems like each watermelon I've eaten tastes just exactly like a watermelon should taste, like summer in a bite. Only one "the summer I turned 57", or "the summer my oldest granddaughter was eleven" or "the summer my oldest grandson was ten", or "the summer our two youngest granddaughters were five and two", or "our youngest grandson's very first summer". So I've let myself become fully immersed in the here and now of summer twenty fourteen. I'm refusing to share it with any worry, anxiety or fear about the rain and storms that the future may hold.  I'm taking literally the words of Jesus and refusing to worry about tomorrow.  Why let what may or may not be ahead rob me of what is right here right now on this beautiful, hot, sunny ninth of July?

Yes, I have responsibilities and commitments that I must take care of.  God still expects me to take care of the tasks at hand and do them well and wholeheartedly, even if the summer day is beckoning to me temptingly.  No, I'm not an ostrich with my head buried in the sand.  I'm well aware of the precarious state of our country and our world.  I'm not in my own little world pretending that if I don't pay attention to what is going on around me it will go away.  Can I still be sober minded, my spirit alert, awake and aware, my whole heart willing to obey whatever God asks of me, while still being head over heels crazy in love with this summer evening in my own backyard in Portland, Oregon?  I hope so.  I think so.

What I know for sure is that my heart is full to bursting with gratitude for this day, this summer, this life I've been blessed with.  Have I had heartache and troubles?  Absolutely.  More than many, less than most.  But blessed? You betcha'!  To quote a famous financial advisor, "way better than I deserve"!

And so I end this not so profound post with an invite to you to share your own love of summer in the comments.  
Here are some of the things I love about summer...

-root beer floats
-trips to the river
-backyard wading pools, sprinklers and water fights
-eating al fresco
-backyard firepit s'mores
-cold watermelon
-family reunions
-trips to the beach
-no school for the grandkids
-berry and/or rhubarb crisps
-light until after 9pm
-my skin a bit more brown
-saltwater sandals!
-devotions outdoors in the sun
-hydrangeas and roses and lavender and daisies and...
-london broil, marinated and grilled, medium rare
-corn on the cob
-making jam with fresh local berries
-iced tea
-flip flops
-cotton sundresses and skirts

And now it's your turn!

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  1. We have got to stop meeting like this!! I LOVE that we keep being neighbors. I've added you to my blog roll so I can keep up with your posts!

    I loved this post, Elizabeth! For summer is my favorite season. I just seem to feel more alive in the warmer weather. And yes, though not medically correct anymore, I still like having a tan!

    Your grandkids look like the perfect addition to some idyllic days.

    Some of the things I love about summer are also on your list: root beer floats, watermelon, barbecues, sandals, ice tea, and the beach. But just the other day, I added something new to my list.

    My hubby and I celebrated our 9th anniversary, and we went on an all-day car adventure...(this is the part I loved) his old Jeep, with the doors and roof removed! We traveled for hours with the wind blowing in our hair, and the sky above us. It felt so free!!

    So, yay for summer - even when life is difficult, the sun and the Son are still shining!


    1. I will do the same Sharon and add you to my blog reader. Evidently it's meant to be!

  2. Thanks for stopping by my blog! As for me, in the perpetual summer of Singapore, I love fresh, cold coconuts! :)

  3. I love the warm summer nights with a cool breeze. As my dad says "the cool summer night breeze reminds me of a small child playing around me and embracing me as his father" (little almost 3yr old Ethan)

    1. Mateo, me too! Hasn't the weather this summer been amazing!

  4. Love your joy that spills over across the miles as we read this post! So glad I stopped in from Tell His Story. Blessings!

    1. I'm so glad you stopped by from Tell His Story, too! What a blessing!

  5. AH, summer! YES! Last night I sat outside with a cup of coffee and a good book, pausing on occasion to listen to the bedtime song of the birds, watch the sunset and see the fireflies flickering in the yard. Pure bliss!

    1. Fireflies are amazing. We don't see them in Oregon. Thanks so much for stopping by my blog!

  6. Ethan has 6 more summers after this one before he heads out on his own. We are taking every opportunity to be together and have fun. It's such a short time!
    Love your list.

    1. As time seems to go by faster the older I get, I find myself appreciating so much more each day with those I love.

  7. Your words shared here reminded me what I need to do more of & at the same time less of. Thank you Lord for using Elizabeth's words to give me a gentle nudge about this.
    What I love about summer is the beauty that surrounds us...the green grass, trees full of leaves, & the colorful beautiful flowers in full bloom. I enjoy going to the Farmer's Market & getting fresh produce, getting to eat BLT's and corn on the cob! My favorite peaceful thing to do is sitting outside with my hubby on our deck at the end of the day relaxing. Summer blessings indeed! :-)

    1. I love your summer list, Krista. You bless me.

  8. Elizabeth, This 57 yo Mimi has tears streaming - yes, we only have this one summer. This one summer where my husband & I will be 57, my daughter 32, my son 26, my granddaughters 6 & 2. Oh to savor every moment of watermelon & Slip N Slides! Here's to Summer 2014!!!!

    1. I turn 57 in a few weeks! The older I get the faster time goes. I'm determined to make the most of each day!

  9. Love that you're sharing your blessings with us, Elizabeth! That last shot - pure summer! <3 I think what you felt leaking out of your head was just some pool water, these were some pretty profound thoughts :) Happy Summer!

    1. The last photo is my favorite, too! How I love our little granddaughter! Thanks for your encouragement, June!

  10. So much good stuff here. SO MUCH! It makes my heart embrace my own summer more fully. I love that your watermelon is "like summer in a bite." I love your granddaughters little cheek kinda peeking out and that she still likes her little back yard pool. And. I want to know when your birthday is. :)

  11. Hi Elizabeth! Your post reminds me to keep grabbing on to the blessings of this wonderful season. I was getting my hair cut yesterday, and the stylist asked me if I was doing anything 'special' this summer. Hmmm...good question!

    And yes, I think you can definitely be aware of the sadness in the world, and still be dedicated to loving what God has given you. Imagine how sad the Lord would be if you ignored his gifts of time and beauty and backyard pools with you? Keep on enjoying!
    Blessings from Thought Provoking Thursday,

  12. Love this post, Elizabeth! Sometimes we forget what's truly important. Enjoy your Summer! :)

  13. Ooooooooooooooh, Elizabeth. I just adore this post. Seems like the same Truth has been rising up in me lately.

    Thank you for reinforcing it. xoxo

  14. "Just how many summers do you get in a lifetime?" This has me thinking :)

  15. Oh, I wish I could just 'kick back' and enjoy summer this year - but there's so much going on in my world right now that I just have to grab moments here and there. And treasure them because they are soon gone. My knee problem has slowed me down more than I thought it would so I'm savoring moments of 'since I can't do that. . .I'll do this!' If it's going to hurt, it might as well hurt while I sit on the patio and enjoy a gentle breeze and a good book. Right? Your words challenge me to make more of every minute because I don't have summers to waste, dear friend. There's just too much living to do! And grandkids to enjoy! And friends to spend time with! Thanks for sharing your heart. I love the photo of your littlest granddaughter in the pool (from behind). I just wanted to reach out and snuggle her to my heart!


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