Tuesday, July 8, 2014

Hydrangeas in a thrift store find...

When we arrived back home after our little getaway last week, 
the hydrangeas were in full bloom.
The one in the front yard is full of lavender colored blossoms,
but the one in the side yard has pink, blue and lavender blossoms all on one bush.
This is the first year it's done that so I have no idea why,
but it's rather fun to see!

This photo shows the "treasures" that sit on top of the dish cabinet in the dining room.
Pretty much everything is thrift store finds.
I was tickled when, a year or two ago, I found the large Herbes de Provence crock in the Goodwill.

I hope your post holiday week is off to a great start!
It's been really hot here in Portland, Oregon,
but is supposed to cool down to the lower eighties tomorrow.

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  1. I'm in love with hydrangeas! And yours are just stunning. Another great thrift store find!

    1. Thanks, friend. Simple pleasures like blooms from my backyard are a blessing!

  2. Hydrangeas. I SO want some ... not sure my soil will grow them. Yours are just beautiful - and the crock is a perfect vase :)

    1. Rebecca, I am so not a knowledgable gardener, so I'm not sure what climates and soil types are good for hydrangeas. My are alive not by my skill but God's grace. I just neglect them and they grow!

  3. I cut some yesterday for my vase. Great time of the year for Hydrangea lovers.


    1. Debbi, we're blessed here in the PNW to be able to enjoy so many beautiful varieties of blooms!

  4. Love your hydrangeas. Mine are all blue. Love the way they 'grace' your sweet thrifting find.

    1. Adrienne, I'm thankful for free backyard blooms and cheap thrift store treasures!


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