Thursday, August 8, 2013

Friday's Favs...pantry makeover revisited

I'm savoring these sunny summer days.
I'm enjoying spending time with the grand babies.
I'm getting ready for our vacation which is coming up soon.
I'm having people from our church over to our house for barbecues, a group at a time,
 and hoping I get most everyone over before the autumn rains come.
So, I'm not shopping much, not thrifting much, and have not done any of the house projects I thought I'd do this summer.
So,  I'm posting a previous project that I'm still loving.

I've blogged about how small my kitchen is before.
Very small!
Click here if you don't believe me.
I'd be in a world of hurt if the builder hadn't include a pantry.
It's not a large pantry, but click here to read how I re-organized my pantry on a budget,
and made it hold everything a woman who loves to cook could possibly need.

The biggest help was when I thought of a way to hang my cookware on the pantry wall.
My son-in-law did the handyman work to make it happen
and I still love it!
Hanging my pots and pans up freed up one whole cabinet for other things.

The pantry reorganization has worked well enough that it's stayed pretty much the same.
Two or three times a year, I take every thing out of the pantry,
throw out any past date or stale items,
wipe everything down,
then put it back in pretty much the same way as seen in the pantry re-organization post.
The inexpensive plastic bins seen in that post work well for me because
they were affordable and they can be washed out,
unlike some of the fancy baskets and containers used in some pantry makeovers.

My European style chef's apron, made by a dear friend and monogrammed with my initials,
hangs in my pantry ready for me to put on when I cook.
I found this apron for the Hubs, on sale at Sur la Table, so we can match.
He's not exactly a match your wife kind of guy, so I was pleasantly surprised when he liked it!

Well, that's my pantry makeover,
and I'm still lovin' it!

It's almost Friday, friends!
Have a HAPPY, HAPPY Friday
a BLESSED weekend!

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  1. wow I don't even have a pantry and our kitchen is very small too, someday I want to go back to a bigger open style. Miss my old kitchen. Love the aprons... they are great.

    1. I, too, dream of a bigger, open kitchen. In the meanwhile, I thank God for my wee little kitchen.

  2. Your pots look great that way. I'm going to remember that when I move into my condo on the beach. I'm so ready to go small.

    1. A condo on the beach...anything near the beach...would be my idea of heaven!

  3. I loved seeing your pantry the first time you shared it - but I loved it most when I stood in your kitchen and you gave me the tour! It's fun to see it again!

  4. I have a long narrow kitchen then is wide open to the den. It doesn't really feel that tiny to me, unless a few people are gathered in it. :)

    Great idea of how to organize!

    1. Thanks, Julie! My mama used to call my kitchen a "one butt kitchen" and it actually is. Not even room to comfortable have a helper!

  5. You sure have made good use of your pantry...and it's so cute when you open the door...I love it!


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