Monday, May 6, 2013

Texture Tuesday-"POP" edition...

Just having a little fun with Kim's Texture Tuesday photo challenge.
The theme this week is "POP".
I decided to be a literalist and shot this photo of POPcorn with some soda POP.

(photo edited simply by desaturating the color a bit and adding one layer of Kim's May texture,
softlight mode, 25% opacity)

still following,


  1. Oh, my - that looks so real I want some popcorn and soda pop! Love your photo and the way you did the texture. I need to learn how to do that!

  2. Neat! And my favorite snack too!

  3. Oh I love your photo and you literal thinking ! I'm going to have to checkout Kim's blog now that I have my new camera ..and start learning how to use these textures !

    Blessings ...Sara

  4. this is wonderful!!! seriously..... adore.


  5. Wow! I feel humbled to comment right next to Kim--

    You and I seem to be on a lot of the same wave lengths lately.

    Of course, I love your pop and popcorn!

  6. Two good pops, one of my favorites Popcorn. I can't go to a movie without it. One of the pleasures of today. And it is good for you.

  7. Great take on POP. Nicely done.


  8. This makes me crave popcorn! a fun one!


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