Tuesday, May 14, 2013

Black and white with focal color...

Sometimes it's fun to post a photo without having to try to come up with a lot of words.
Kim Klaussen's Texture Tuesday photo challenge this week was black and white, 
or black and white with a focal point of color.
So, I chose just a pop of color.
I found it interesting that, since the shelf and walls are already gray and the ironstone white,
editing the photo to black and white didn't really change the original all that much.
I also added one layer of Kim's May texture at soft light mode, 25% opacity.

still following,


  1. Simply beautiful, Elizabeth!!

  2. B&W really enhances your composition and the extra pop of color is a nice surprise...

  3. Great photo just luring my eyes to the life in the cup! The color popping out among a tapestry of that white washed backdrop. ~ Jen

  4. Such a pretty, tranquil scene. Love the subtle pop of colour. Beautifully done.

  5. Very nice, Elizabeth!!
    Mary Alice

  6. Lovely black & white with a soft pop of color !
    Nice week,

  7. Really very beautiful. I love the flower pot.



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