Friday, January 18, 2013

Revelation 4:8...

I've been enjoying dabbling around with watercolors lately.
In my devotional time I like to turn on worship music and meditate on a verse or truth that stands out to me in that day's reading by doing something creative with the verse in an art journal.
I've been joining She Reads Truth for my daily Bible reading selection.
It's been fun to Instagram with others using the hashtag #shereadstruth and see what and how they journal about that day's Bible reading.
 (You can also comment on the She Reads Truth blog.)
I'd love to hear if you're following any particular Bible reading plan.
Do you journal?  Do you do any art or visual journaling?
I'd love to hear about it!

Still following,

Scripture and Snapshot


  1. I have just started the scripture typing for Bible memorization that I read about in the Holy Experience. I really enjoy it so far, it is a fun way to memorize. I am doing the Romans one like the author of 1,000 Gifts is doing. In one year you will have memorized 3 chapters by learning 2 verses a week.

    1. Awesome that you are doing the Romans memorization! I would like to try the Sermon on the Mount, unfortunately, I haven't started yet.

  2. I've so often considered starting a visual/art journal...I saw your beautiful page and just lovely.
    you've made me want to go get my sketch book and start right now!
    My one-word for 2013 is studying the word through scripture, I see so clearly how God's word must abide in me...and how else can I do this except through memorizing?
    I'm starting very slow...Beth Moore has a plan for memorizing on her blog.
    Sending love my friend~

  3. I love this and it would be beautiful framed!

  4. What a beautiful way to meditate on a portion of Scripture.
    Mary Alice

  5. Beautiful... I was planning on playing with a little watercolor sketching today too! I am a life long journaler and have only recently picked up the habit of sketching out a Scripture - either the actual words, or what I 'see' when I read them! Loved this verse, too! Don't you just love that He has been - and He will be!

  6. Love your watercolor!! It's beautiful and so is the scripture! I love the idea of an art journal to visualize scripture, awesome! Thanks for sharing :) Have a blessed day!!

  7. Nice doodling!!
    I did the She Reads Truth too, but I didn't join in with the online group. It was a good study and I would do it again.


  8. I am trying to stay focused in my reading, but am all over the place. If you will remember I started "colouring my heart" through art journal around my birthday last year. I've fallen off that wagon, but truly desire to do this again! Your art is beautiful my friend. What journal do you use that holds watercolor?

  9. Dear Elizabeth
    I love the colors flowing so naturally into one another, so without striving or trying to make a statement.

  10. I have been using visual prayer and lectio divina ever since reading Sybil MacBeth's book Praying in Color-- it has changed my prayer life and my devotion time. praise the Lord

  11. Beautiful! I have been wanting to start playing around with watercoloring His beauty and truth into my journal and heart... you have inspired me to do it! Gonna make my way to the art store this week ;) Love She Reads Truth!


  12. Your watercolor and verse just caught my eye.....simple and beautiful! I've just started journaling again and although I seem to "paint" with words I do want to start adding some color and flair to my entries. You inspired me!
    Stopping by from The Sunday Community

  13. That's beautiful! I always say I want to Art Journal but somehow I never get very far. Hoping this year is different :)

  14. This is so lovely! It would make such a beautiful card...have you ever used any of your work for something like that?

  15. This year is the year I want to pick up some paints. This is lovely. Thank you for sharing with the Still Saturday community.

    1. Thank you, Sandra. I hope you do try painting. I'm just a beginner, but it's fun to try!

  16. I really do need to get back into painting and art. It would be good for me to try again.

  17. I'm not an artistic person so no drawing but I do find writing therapeutic. I also like to's very refreshing and reduces my stress and anxiety.

  18. We obviously have the same love of rejoicing for our Lord. YOU, however, do so much more than I do with painting. Had a heart for it, but getting my hands to work the same way would be a miracle.


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