Wednesday, November 7, 2012

On writing...

I want to tell the truth in this space.
I love to write, but choke on the word writer.
It seems like a club that I hang on the edge of, but I'm not invited in.
wrote it out, prayed over it, edited it,
wrote, prayed, edited,
felt like I had obeyed God and done my best,
then finally submitted it to the magazine,
and all I got back was an acknowledgement with an ad for "self-publishing" a book,
it made me wonder if my voice is just too plain me.
Then I thought, maybe I should pursue making the stories I tell my grandkids into a book,
and if all I ever wrote was a story for children that would be ok.
More than ok.
That would be wonderful.

I want to tell the truth in this place.
I loved being a Mama,
a stay at home Mama.
And sure there were plenty of ordinary, boring, lonely days,
but somehow I knew that I knew that I was making some small contribution to something amazing, something wonderful,
something eternal.
Those three beautiful, daughters of mine,
they were worth it.
And those dreams of that teenage girl to teach and counsel and all of the things I never finished college for,
He brought them all true.

So, this writing thing, it's the one dream He's still working on, I guess.

Still following,


  1. You are a writer, Elizabeth. Keep on with it. You bless more than you know.

  2. We know the One who placed your writing desire in you...Ps. 37:4...Blessings...Pam

  3. I'm glad you shared that with us. Elizabeth, you really have a gift! I know your writing has blessed me! I'll pray that the Lord continues to pursue your heart with this desire and give you the wisdom to know what to do. (I think writing a children's book would be exceptional!!) Also, I appreciate you saying what a blessing it was to be a stay at home mom to your children. That's what my own mom was, and she got amazing fulfillment out of it. I know not everyone feels called to it, but I think the profound impact of it is too often under-estimated. :)

  4. are a wonderful story teller...keep telling your stories here...keep telling your stories to the live a life yielded to Him...that is all He asks...He will do the rest~ blessings to you~

  5. Don't be discouraged, in your writing you are continually telling a story for your daughters, even if it is not in a book form. (although it could be I put my two years of blogs in books for my children for Christmas this year)
    God has given you and blessed you with a gift of writing words that bless others. Keep pressing on towards the goal, and be strong you can tell the story many times over.

  6. Hold on to your dream, there's a reason it's there. Just keep writing down your thoughts and telling your stories...someday they're likely to lead you someplace that perhaps you couldn't envision. xo

  7. Writing is hard to do. Keep trying, if it is your passion. If it was easy everyone would do it. You do tell a fine story. Don't be discouraged.

  8. Wow, all the dreams came true but one?! You have such a grateful spirit indeed! God bless you and your next big dream.

  9. You doing this blog is a good thing. It is helpful to me and many times you have written the very thing I needed that day. That only happens when God directed. If God wants a thing done, as with Jonah, he is going to make sure it gets done and you won't have to fret or worry over it, he will make sure you accomplish it. If God doesn't want a thing done then you don't really want that either. I certainly enjoy your blog and hope that you continue lifting others up.

  10. Don't stop writing, my friend! Your words touch hearts - the hearts of your children and grandkids and a lot of us who read them. You ARE a writer!


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