Monday, November 5, 2012

Fall cleaning and white curtains...

It's really difficult to get good indoor photos when the days are gray and rainy.
But, today the weather was beautiful and spring-like!
It gave me a chance to get a few photos and to get in a lovely run outdoors.

There are two times each year that I like to get some deep cleaning done, spring, and in the fall before the holidays.
Over the weekend I did one of the deep cleaning chores I dread.
I hate, strongly dislike, cleaning the blinds.
But it's done now, (YaY!), and along with that chore came cleaning the windows and the window tracts, and washing the curtains.
I have the same white cotton curtains, (made by Woolrich and purchased at Target), in the living room, dining room and our bedroom.
I wash them in cold water and do not dry them in the dryer, as the instructions say.
They are air dried by the next morning and are ready to iron.
I love the simplicity of the white cotton with my cottage-y decor style, the soft gray walls and the white trim.
I also love that with a quick washing and a little ironing with a steam iron, they look as good as new.

With my least favorite chore done,  I'm getting excited for the holidays.
All of our children and grandchildren will be home!

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  1. I was wondering from your previous post, what your most dreaded chore was! I am glad it wasn't something really awful..and good that you've done it. It's amazing how wonderful the day feels once something hard is faced.

  2. Beautiful, clean, serene! What a GREAT feeling.

  3. Your home looks so fresh and crisp! Always a good feeling to get those extra cleaning chores done.
    Mary Alice

  4. Elizabth, these are beautiful photos of your home! You are creative in your decor with the unque wooden ladder piece in the living room and the wire baskets in the kitchen! I think your home looks like the inside of a magazine, so uncluttered and serene!!
    I also despise cleaning blinds, but mine need to be done, too. You've given me a kick in the pants to get on it before things really get busy and the Christmas decor comes out! :)

  5. That's my most unfavorite task, too! I have to do it in most of my rooms before the holidays but I'll do it one at a time! Love the look of your white curtains. I need to add curtains or drapes in most of my rooms. I'm thinking about it and wondering what I want!

  6. I remember blind cleaning. So when I moved to a house in the woods, I 86ed all blinds and take a risk scaring squirrels. :)

  7. lovely rooms. i dread cleaning the blinds and curtains too, but oh i love when it is done!

  8. Confession: I so need to clean the blinds in my bedroom, but I've put it off a million times because I hate that chore as well!
    Your home is lovely!

  9. Your curtains look wonderful, Elizabeth. I really like the look of crisp, white, fresh, simple, elegant curtains.
    I do despise the thought of washing them, though. We have sheers in our bedroom, living room, dining room. The living and dining room sheers are way overdue for washing.

  10. I love white curtains! They make the windows look so much brighter. I dried mine in the dryer and they shrunk :( I guess I should have read the directions :)

  11. Hi Elizabeth, Everything looks so gorgeous. I love white curtains too and also lace whites. I know the great feeling to get those blinds clean. Now you are ready to decorate for Christmas.
    So enjoyed my visit.
    Have fun.
    Hugs, Celestina Marie

  12. The room looks so beautiful!
    I will be doing a deep cleaning before the holiday stuff goes up and it goes up early since I host a gathering on 12/1!

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