Wednesday, August 8, 2012

How being smart can wear you out...


I say it jokingly.


We, (meaning me and my siblings), don't have an athletic bone in our bodies, but we have brains!

We're smart.

Every one of us.

I didn't say we're always wise you will notice.

But, in the I.Q. department I would say we're all above average.

And I've been proud of it.

And I've leaned on it, too much, too, too much.

It really wears a body out,

ruminating, reasoning, analyzing,

using the mind to figure out the best path through life,

which way I can go that will result in the least collateral damage,

and figuring out how to get those around me to see it the same way.

I want them to walk the path I have analyzed and reasoned out is the best, the safest, makes the most sense.

They just don't cooperate, these others with minds of their own.

Me, I've figured it all out, and it seems so black and white and simple.

I'm not talking Bible here, because if you believe, you know there's One Way and Only One.

I'm talking about everyday life and the way my mind works,

and how it fusses and fumes and figures out how I can take the path of least resistance,

the path most likely to keep everyone happy and safe and getting along.

Inside, I'm frustrated with the others who refuse to walk the way I think is best.

I'm frustrated that they don't seem to see what makes sense to my mind.

I've read it at least a hundred times.

But today, God took out that sharp, two edged sword of His, and cleaved me right open with it.





Could it be so?

Could this tied up in knots feeling within me be, not due to others and what I deem to be their unwise choices in life, but due to the fact that I'm relying on my own insight, understanding and wisdom to get me through the day?

Could this chronic pain, myofascial pain syndrome, fibromyalgia, whatever fancy name the doctor wants to give it, be tied to my compulsion to figure everything out?

Health to my nerves and sinews, marrow and moistening to my bones.

That's what I need.

And the how is to lean on, trust in, be confident in, the Lord,

to know, recognize and acknowledge Him in all my ways.

So, this mind of mine, surely should be smart enough to realize that He's smarter than me and His ways are better than mine.

Maybe the most liberating words I can utter are,

"I don't know, but You do, God.

Now, show me the way."

To quit relying on my brains and start relying on His is the smartest choice I can make.

Still following,



  1. Mmm, that is good! Thank you

  2. Wow, that is good! What an absolute WEALTH the Bible is!! I think I read too fast (and mindlessly sometimes) and fail to meditate on it.

  3. You word things so well!! I think we all try to do things OUR WAY when we should just dump it in His lap and so "OK how do we do this or which way should we go". Been there and am still working on getting my way doing things OUT THE DOOR and learning to LEAN ON HIM AND HIS WAY! Love this I really needed this today.

  4. Sounds very familiar to me. It wasn't until my body was so worn out and sick that I wasn't able to do anything, that I turned it all over to God. Life got a lot better after that and so did my health.

  5. I also have to admit that I am tireder and have aches and pains simply because I am aging. 50's are a transitional time far harder I think than teens.

  6. I am so sorry you are in pain. I know we can be our own worst enemies and sometimes we can bring illness upon ourselves. I don't think this is true all the time. Fibromyalgia is a real thing. My mom had it and it is hereditary. I'm pretty sure I'll face it in my future. I try to stay positive, but positivity can't cure everything. It may only make it a little bit easier to bear. :)

  7. I really do believe there is a direct correlation between our body, soul and spirits...I was chronically ill for years(lupus)...God led me through healing of my heart...nourishing my body...and by His Grace and Mercy I am living more fully in my 50’s than in my 30’s and part of my 40’s...I pray God leads you with His wisdom...and gives you His path for you. blessings~

  8. Hi Elizabeth, you could have been writing my story except for two things. Firstly He showed me a picture of fabric..with a hem..and said that is where you are living..on the hem..right near the edge. No wonder it is hard to live without worrying, trying to do His will and mine or other peoples without falling off. He said 'Come closer to Me and there is plenty of space and you will be more secure and peaceful'. I was! Lord just Your will be done. Secondly He started to show me how much I didn't know...and that made me feel 'not-so-smart' and more reliant on Him. That sends me closer to Him daily.
    I hope this helps a little. xox

  9. It is hard when we are in physical pain. What great insight. I struggled with being 'smart' and I strayed for a few years. When I came back I had to let it go, and have faith in him and rely on his word. And you know what? His word is all we need, his wisdom is more than I could ever know, and his peace is better than any human understanding. I'm praying for you to find healing.

  10. Sometimes we can be too smart for our own good! Sweet words to my soul. Thank you, my friend.

  11. Hi Elizabeth,
    I can so relate to what you are saying.
    Aches and pains from stress because things are not done 'my way'.
    So seriously have to daily 'Let go..and let GOD'.
    Thank you for your post.God Bless
    Barb from Australia

  12. Powerful words of truth! I was just reading this morning in "Jesus Calling:--'Understanding will not bring you peace.' That was profound to me because I, too, am "smart" and "insightful", but His way beats mine every.time.

  13. I think it is awesome how God speaks to His body! For days now, I keep thinking & seeing verses that differentiate between God's wisdom & our "wisdom". Occasionally I get this picture of how opinionated & stubborn I STILL can be! I just love how God's Spirit gently gives us this STRONG desire to truly conform to His will because, of course, THAT is where the blessings are! Good words here Elizabeth! Love & prayers, in Jesus, Cynthia

  14. You've hit the nail on the head. For each of our family members I pray that God give them wisdom in greater portion than intellect. Good word, Sis.


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