Sunday, June 10, 2012

Now two thousand thanks and still counting!


We all have prayers not yet answered,

promises not yet fulfilled,

goals not yet reached.

Me too.

But while we see the not yets,

let’s not be blind to the right now.

This moment is full of blessings to count

and gratitude just right for the gathering.


I’ve taken the Joy Dare.

I’m counting one thousand thanks in one year.

I hunt for thanksgiving using the prompts Ann gives us each month.

If you are interested in joining in, click the link above or at the bottom of this post.

I continue to count my thanks

piling up gratitude day by day

in my little black journal…


3 gifts found in Christ-

-forgiveness received

-power to forgive others

-joy-even when things aren’t perfect

a gift of peace-

-my little home office/sanctuary

a gift of hope-

-trusting Jesus to work out details when we don’t know how

a gift of love-

-“I love you” via text

3 things ugly/beautiful-

-sad three year old granddaughter crying for her mama

-messy rice cereal and applesauce face on six month old granddaughter

-the messes the grandbabies make

3 gifts in what I’m reading-

-how King Asa wrongly trusted in the help of someone/something other than God

-this beautiful blog post

-the current issue of one of my favorite magazines


3 gifts empty-

-the house all quiet, (too quiet?), with youngest daughter back in Missouri

and grandbabies back home after three days at our house while Mama and Daddy were out of town

-the laundry basket-the last load is finally done!

-the cup of homemade hot chocolate the Hubs made for me-good to the last drop!

3 gifts that really made you smile-

-3 year old granddaughter saying, “I love you, Nana.”

-the way the baby stares at me with those blue, blue eyes


-laughed out loud when the three year old, (who is appropriately limited on unhealthy foods and tv watching), said, “Nana, when I grow up I’m going to drink pop right out of the bottle and watch scary things on tv.”

a gift at 8 a.m.-

-a sunny Sunday morning

a gift at 12 p.m.-

-praying with others at church

a gift at 2 p.m.-

-Thai food with the Hubs


Gratefully yours-



  1. So much to be grateful for! Loved seeing the blue eyes of your grandbaby and hearing the plans of your granddaughter for life after she grows up!

  2. i always love your list...your pictures and the song that plays behind it all always makes me smile. thank you for the link to that beautiful post....i needed to read that this morning!

  3. Wow...two thousand. It's amazing what we can "see" when we just open our eyes. :)


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