Monday, June 25, 2012

Julia Child’s Cherry Clafouti…

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In my dreams I can take lovely food photos,

lovely photos like Lara on her blog, Air Kissed.

Food photos are so seductive…I had to try making cherry clafouti after seeing hers.

I didn’t have brandy or vanilla bean however,

so I made Julia Child’s recipe for cherry clafouti instead.


And now the other reason I’m not a gifted food photographer…

we dished up the still warm clafouti and started eating it, when I suddenly remembered I hadn’t taken any pictures of the finished product!

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Clafouti is custard-y, flan-like yumminess.

I’m going to try it again with other fruits, although the cherry was absolutely delicious.

Three year old granddaughter said, “I YIKE, (like), cherry pie, Nana!”

And may I say, I think you’ll YIKE it too!


Still following,



  1. I laughed about eating before picture taking. We do that a lot here. That's one of the reasons that I don't blog recipes much.

    The other reason is that I fail more than succeed.
    That's looks delicious, and I need to click the JC recipe to see if it's above my pay grade.

  2. Yum, this looks delicious. I can't photograph food for the second reason you mentioned, too. :)

  3. Oh my...that looks just delicious...
    I left you a reply on my blog...but I am never sure if peeps go back to read them...I would love it if blogger would do what wordpress does and send the reply in an email... or if blogger does this...i don’t know how to set it up...anyway...
    your comment made me laugh...I would love to hear you describe what you thought I looked like:)...we all do have our preconceived ideas of each other. I am wondering if you were confused by the pictures of my husband’s beard progression....the only picture of me is the last one kissing...the others are our youngest daughter:)
    I think I read on a comment were getting ready to turn 55...well I am too in Oct. I am fairly new in this bloggy world and I have told my husband...sometimes I feel ancient...I could be most of these young woman’s mom.
    So when you said I was young...well, we both are...all depends on perspective:)
    If you look at other will find that I do look my age:)

  4. Hi Elizabeth,
    I do the 'food photo' thing too. My Mum's always saying "here she goe's taking cooking photos again"
    I often forget to take a pic of the finished product.
    Your recipe looks yummy... ...
    Have a good week
    Barb from Australia


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