Sunday, June 24, 2012

Another week of thanks…


One of my favorite things to eat is something both sweet and salty.

This has been a sweet and salty kind of week.

So many things to give thanks for, but tasting even better when savored together…

-I finished writing, proofreading, changing, proofreading again, correcting and finally submitting, the magazine article that’s been on my goal list for oh, so long.

-At the beginning of the week, my oldest sister’s husband was in the critical care unit of the hospital, with a mysterious yet to be diagnosed virus, (center for disease control is still running tests).  Our extended family was very concerned and praying fervently as were so many, many people in our various churches.  Today, he was well enough to be released to go home! God answers prayer!

-The Hubs and I,  my nephew and his wife, (he is my Hubs right hand man at the church and she is our main worship leader), took a road trip to northern California for a conference.  On the way we stopped in southern Oregon at my sister’s, (my nephew’s mama), and enjoyed a great relaxing afternoon and evening at their beautiful home on the river.





-Driving by gorgeous Mt. Shasta on a hot summer day, so lovely!


-The opening worship set at the conference was led in part by Rita Springer.  She’s been a long time favorite of mine and it was such a blessing to hear her in person.

-Three days of worship, being in God’s presence, hearing the Word.

-Home, be it ever so humble, (and my wee, little nest is a pretty simple, humble place), there’s just no place like home.

-Seeing our two little granddaughters after being out of town is the whipped cream with the cherry on top of coming home.

-My rose bushes were so full of blooms when I got home!

-Our daughter and oldest granddaughter and only grandson called from Ghana, West Africa this morning.

My Little Buddy was excited to tell me about climbing a tree and finding a nest with an egg in it.

My granddaughter told me about the outreach to the village they did on Friday.

(They gave out shoes and food to the children.  We need 500 more pairs of children’s shoes just for that one village.  Perhaps your church or Bible Study group would like to help collect and send shoes.  If so email me via the link on my sidebar.)


I’ve taken the Joy Dare.

I’m counting one thousand thanks in one year.

I hunt for thanksgiving using the prompts Ann gives us each month.

If you are interested in joining in, click the link above or at the bottom of this post.

I continue to count my thanks

piling up gratitude day by day

in my little black journal…


3 gifts from your heavenly Father-

-He loves me

-He gave His Son for me

-He adopted me as His own

3 gifts today in serving-

-my sister, niece-in-law and putting together kebabs to grill for dinner

-chatting together while working

-doing dishes together after

a gift bent-

-excitement when the fishing pole would bend, (just a snag, no fish caught this time)


a gift beautiful-

-my sister’s backyard

a gift loved-

-my nephew, his wife, their daughter and son

3 gifts found in light-

-bright sun and blue, blue sky

-palm trees

-a clear night with lots of stars

3 gifts that are difficult-

-wanting all of our daughters’ dreams to come true but not being able to make it happen for them

-choosing the most excellent things of God over my own self

-letting go

3 gifts found around a table-

-a home cooked meal after 3 days of eating out

-the Hub’s compliment of the meal

-roses from the backyard in the centerpiece


a gift found in water-

-hot bubble bath

a gift found in words-

-wishing my son-in-law a Happy Birthday today

a gift found in white-

-my favorite creamy, white top



Still following,



  1. so much joy found here--

    and the top may be my favorite top ever--just gorgeous and you make it prettier!

  2. I sure do enjoy seeing your roses. Things don't grow very easily here in Florida, it takes a lot of help to get sand to grow things. My mother traveled around a lot when my father was in the navy and said that in Connecticut she could just drop seeds on top of the ground and they would grow. In Florida she planted and tended them and still nothing. We do have some beautiful tropicals that grow here and I do like them but I love seeing what grows in other parts of the country.

    1. Oh, but Florida is lovely too...I guess the grass is always greener, because right about now I could go for some Florida heat and sunshine!

  3. Love your roses and your dreamy top! Salty and sweet--one of my favorite tastes, and a great metaphor for most of my weeks.

  4. I love you list...the pictures are beautiful. Congrats on the magazine article...I am sure it is just really can tell a story. OH...I really like your creamy top too...have a blessed matter if it is salty or sweet or a little mix:)

  5. Joy and gratitude. Gorgeous pics and you are so pretty. :)

  6. What a beautiful list! Your roses are gorgeous, and what a blessing to have so much family time in person and on the phone in a single week. May the Lord keep pouring out your favorite flavors this week. It must delight Him so to have you delight in His gifts.

  7. Love your creamy white top, Elizabeth! You're beautiful! Thanks so much for ministering to us through your blog! It's truly a blessing and I so look forward to reading every time!


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